BNSF Jobs Fort Worth, How To Land A New Career! 

Are you after BNSF jobs Fort Worth, do you like the idea of working with a top-rated Fortune railroad? BNSF Railway is a great place to start. It always accepts applications for qualified employees, including new graduates, former military, and experienced professionals in many fields.

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Perhaps you’ve been interested in working for one of America’s largest railroad systems but don’t know where to start? BNSF Railway Company has several jobs available, each with its own set of requirements.

Texas’s premier railroad, BNSF Railway, offers employment opportunities for enthusiastic team members who want to make a difference. The railroad is growing across the state, and its Fort Worth office has openings. If you’re interested in working with an industry leader and enjoy outdoor work, consider joining the team in Fort Worth.

Are you looking for BNSF Jobs in Fort Worth, Texas? You’ve come to the right place. This post details current jobs and the benefits of working at BNSF Railway Company.

BNSF Overview

BNSF Railway Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. It is one of the biggest railroads in North America, operating in 28 states in the western two-thirds of the U.S. and three Canadian provinces over a 32,500-mile rail network. BNSF has three transcontinental routes that provide rail connections between the western and eastern U.S.

In addition, BNSF has more than ten major freight yards across its system, including; Alliance Yard (Fort Worth, TX), Barstow Yard (Barstow, CA), Birmingham Yard (Birmingham, AL), BN Intermodal (Kansas City, MO), Cameron Yard (Houston, TX), Hobart Yard (Los Angeles, CA), Kansas City Intermodal Facility (Kansas City, KS), Memphis Intermodal Facility (Memphis, TN), Pacific Harbor Line (Los Angeles, CA), and West Colton Yard (Colton, CA).

BNSF offers a wide array of opportunities for those interested in careers focused on logistics and transportation. The company offers jobs in fields such as engineering, maintenance, IT, and corporate positions ranging from finance to human resources. 

Operations jobs include entry-level roles such as conductor and engineer, while more specialized careers like locomotive machinist and engine house Carman offer the chance to dig into the mechanics of the industry. There are also opportunities to specialize in safety or environmental services if these topics interest you.

If working with people is more your style, there are plenty of customer service positions available at BNSF. Depending on what field you’re interested in, you could be working directly with clients or customers, communicating with employees at all company levels, or providing support for executives. 

Human resources is another area that can be an excellent fit for those who enjoy interacting with people. BNSF has an ongoing need for talented HR professionals to find and nurture top talent for the company’s many operations across the country. 

These roles can involve many aspects of HR, including talent acquisition, employee training and development, benefits administration, and coordination with labor unions.

Individuals interested in business management also have several options within the company.

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BNSF Jobs Fort Worth

Many new employees have been asking what kind of BNSF jobs in Fort Worth are offered within the location. There are various job types, and the diversity is amazing. Here are some of the job types at Fort Worth:


A conductor examines train orders, signals, and switches to verify clearance for train movement. They are responsible for the inspection of loads and have to make sure that all train elements are in good working order. On passenger trains, the conductor has to collect tickets and assist with great customer service too.


An engineer operates locomotives on designated routes, including local, switching, or through freight service. He/she must be able to read track diagrams and operate controls to move trains safely.

Locomotive Engineer 

Locomotive engineers operate locomotives on designated routes, including local, switching, or through freight service. They must be able to read track diagrams and operate controls to move trains safely.


A trainmaster is responsible for the overall supervision of all train operations within a given geographic region, including crew management, train dispatching, freight car management, and locomotive fleet maintenance.

Benefits of Working for BNSF

Working with BNSF is a fantastic opportunity to build your career. Since the company is so large, you’re sure to find a position that excites you, whether in sales, transportation management, or even one of its many other departments. And because it is such a diverse company, it can provide competitive salaries while still allowing you the chance to grow and advance.

Another advantage of working for BNSF is that it offers plenty of chances for professional development. It strongly emphasizes training its employees to achieve the best results possible. 

This training doesn’t just apply at the beginning of your career; it continues along your path. The desire for growth extends across all departments, so even if it isn’t specifically a part of your job description, you’ll be able to learn new skills that can help you move up in the company.

The company values its employees’ time off and well-being. It believes that work is necessary but not everything. There’s also time for friends and family and fun! It has generous vacation policies and is happy to provide time off for family emergencies or other needs, as long as it’s within reason. 

Working for BNSF means working for a company committed to helping and supporting employees in any way they can. BNSF provides employees with benefits to help them and their families live healthy, productive lives. These benefits include:

  • Medical and dental insurance
  • A life insurance policy and life insurance options for family members
  • Disability income plans
  • Retirement plans
  • Health savings accounts for medical expenses and dependent care assistance
  • Wellness programs to help employees maintain healthy lifestyles
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BNSF Job Types

BNSF jobs Fort Worth cover a wide range of fields, from engineering to accounting to management. It is also a large company with plenty of room for advancement. BNSF trains its employees to progress through the ranks and become leaders in their field. 

There’s no guessing what your future holds when you work with them: if you have a knack for numbers, you can train to be a certified public accountant; if you have an interest in technology and always want to be learning new things, computer programming might be your best bet; or if you enjoy being outdoors and working with your hands, they’ve got jobs that will keep your body healthy and strong as well as your mind sharp.

Here are just some of the available positions:

  • Accountant
  • Engineer
  • Sales representative
  • Programmer
  • Merchandiser
  • Clerk

Do BNSF Jobs Fort Worth Pay Well?

Before you decide to apply for BNSF jobs Fort Worth, you may have concerns about how much money you will be able to make. 

The average salary at BNSF Fort Worth is $57 per hour or $120,573 per year, including bonuses. On the other hand, the estimated median salary is $53 per hour or $111,206 annually. 

The amount of payment depends on your position. For instance, the Director of Sales is the highest paid, with a salary of  $240,000 per year, while the CS Rep earns the least salary of $35,222 annually. With half of the salaries above $111, 206 per annum, BNSF jobs in Fort Worth pay well.

How to Find Best Jobs at BNSF

Finding jobs at BNSF can be a challenging task, especially if you’re new to the site and don’t know where to look. But doing a little research and preparing for your search beforehand can help you find the best jobs for you.

Here are some of the places where you can find jobs at BNSF: 

The best way to find out about all available jobs at BNSF is by looking directly on their website. This site does not only provide information about the available jobs but also provides information about the benefits, relocation, and what life at BNSF is like for employees.


Glassdoor is an online community where people can share their experiences and reviews about various companies and job opportunities. This site is a great place to read employee reviews on what it’s like to work for BNSF and learn more about the company. 


Indeed is another great place to find BNSF jobs. You can search by location or job type, and it will display all the available positions in that area. You can also create an Indeed account if you have any questions or concerns about your application process.


Zip Recruiter offers listings of both full-time and part-time positions. The site has many features that make it easy to use, including the ability to upload your resume and cover letter directly from your computer or phone so that they are ready when needed by an employer.

Monster is one of the most well-known sources for BNSF job listings; you’ll find plenty of open positions here, but it may not be as easy to narrow down your search among all the available options.

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BNSF Jobs Fort Worth Conclusion

BNSF is the way to go for the career-minded railroad professional. They are always looking for qualified people for various positions and pride themselves on providing the best possible working conditions. 

When it comes to working at BNSF, the possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for an opportunity to advance your career with a company with a history of dedication and innovation, then BNSF is the place for you. 

BNSF is committed to diversity and inclusiveness in every aspect of its business, and the BNSF culture is vital to that success. It strives to fulfill its mission by building strong relationships and creating opportunities that benefit everyone it can reach.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about BNSF jobs in Fort Worth. As the second-largest freight railroad in North America, this is one of the most rewarding places for a career in logistics, and it’s a great fit for those who are team players with a knack for problem-solving. If you have the qualities that set you up for success here, don’t hesitate to apply!