Amtrak Crossword Clue or Two, For You! Answers INC.

I love a crossword & if you’re reading this, I bet you do too. There are two major answers that come to mind when a Amtrak Crossword Clue has popped up on my radar. Read on for some crossword help…

amtrak crossword clue

Amtrak CrossWord Clue #1

Amtrak Speedster

It starts with A and ends withe C… 5 letters in total, any ideas? Ok fine, I will tell you and I will elaborate a touch so you learn about it before you complete your crossword. The answer is…


Generally you will see the crossword clue in the form of “Amtrak Express Train or “Amtrak’s Fast Train”. The answer is ACELA.

What Is The Amtrak Acela?

The Amtrak ACELA is a 7 hour journey on the East coast of the country. It is Amtrak’s flagship high speed rail service.
It services the north-east of our beautiful country & goes from Boston to Washington D.C multiple times per day and is the perfect trip to do a crossword or three.

You can read about how fast it goes HERE.

Ok, so any other Amtrak Crossword Clue to share Rob?

Sure, there is one more I have come across

Amtrak Crossword Clue #2

Place For Amtrak Passengers To Unwind

Ok, the next Amtrak crossword clue for today is…

The word starts with Q and ends with R… a total of eight letters. Hint: Don’t make a noise.

The answer is…


amtrak crossword clue

What Is An Amtrak Quietcar?

Sshh and I will tell you.

As you would expect it is a car that is about noise minimisation and being quiet, in fact the perfect spot to do a crossword and search for an Amtrak Crossword Clue or two 🙂

The Amtrak quiet car is predominantly a first come, first serve option, although on the Amtrak Acela mentioned above, it can be reserved in advance.

Heard of the Amtrak Cardinal? The perfect train journey to many a crossword, read more HERE.

Amtrak Crossword Clue – Summary

I hope I was able to help you complete or at least get half way through your crossword.

Have any other train related crossword questions, you can contact me HERE.

Happy Crosswording!