Railroad Ties Near Me – (Best Places To Buy Locally!)

Please scroll down to your state for some great suppliers of railroad ties locally.

We have found suppliers of both new and used railway ties in every state of the US.

Ok, so I take it you’ve read our other article but had no success from the major stores. Don’t worry, the below lists every state in the U.S has many smaller suppliers too.


railroad ties near me

railroad ties for sale alabama

Railroad Ties For Sale In Alabama

#1 AK Railroad Materials

AK Railroad Materials is a used materials seller based in Birmingham, AL. They have several other locations as well. They sell at a reasonable rate for 6x8x8 inch, 7x8x8 inch, and 7x9x9 inch used railroad ties.

If you are physically in Birmingham, you can visit their shop and sort and pick railroad ties by hand, and you also will be charged no packaging or shipping rates.

On the other hand, a flat delivery charge is applied if you order, so ordering in bulk is beneficial, as the same delivery charge is applied for delivery of one or bundled ties.

Prices range from $18 for a low-grade tie to $45 for grade A ties.

The maximum delivery distance is 100 miles, and charges may vary depending on accessibility.

You can contact AK Railroad Materials at http://www.akrailroad.com/.

#2 Bennett Lumber Co., Inc

Bennett Lumber Company sells used and logged lumber, fences, boxes, and several other wooden material supplies.

They have an excellent stock of used railroad ties, which have been removed from tracks and hence are naturally aged, not creosote pressure treated.

In Piedmont, AL, they have a flat delivery charge and their delivery trucks are out servicing the state. They can also help you with the project you are buying ties for, including landscaping, building, and construction-related work.

A pallet of ties costs around $85 without delivery charges, but rates are subject to change.

The wood is Southern Yellow pine and pattern stock type of treatment. It is economical to order a truckload, as the delivery charges become marginal.

You can contact Bennett Lumber Co. at https://bennettlumberco.com/ for a quote.

#3 Koppers Inc

Koppers Inc is a treated wood and railroad ties seller based in Montgomery, AL. They provide railroad ties, not extracted from old tracks but are instead pressure-treated variants available at a low cost and with the same aesthetic for your project. 

Koppers sells drilling machines and other home improvement items, making it a one-stop shop for people buying railroad ties for their outdoor projects.

They also don’t penalize you for buying small quantities, as they sell box variants and small pallets for $50-65, and their delivery charges are also reasonable.

They deliver only around Montgomery, which might be a hassle for some people. They also sell wooden poles and other standard variants of wooden materials too.

You can contact Koppers Inc at http://www.koppers.com/

railroad ties for sale in alaska

Railroad Ties For Sale in Alaska

#1 Pacific Alaska Lumber

PAL is based in Anchorage, AK, and is a world-class supplier of wooden railroad ties of several different specifications and uses.

They’ve been a major supplier of railroad ties in Washington and Alaska since 2007 and offer a wide variety of lumber products, namely Douglas Fir, Hemlock, and even other pines.

They have a selection between Oak and other hardwoods as well, making them a choice for an experienced builder who is sure about what each product is and how they should be used.

Prices range from $60 – $100 per tie, as these are freshly treated ties.

PAL offers delivery within a certain radius, which must be confirmed before placing an order.

They have a team of dedicated agents who will work within your budget and provide the best materials for your money.

You have a choice between treated cross-ties, switch-ties, and bridges. 

You can contact Pacific Alaska Lumber at https://www.pacaklumber.com/.

#2 Northland Wood

Based in Fairbanks, AK, and Anchorage, AK, these are quality-used railroad ties sellers who are responsible for the disposal and safe retrieval of a lot of railroad ties in Alaska.

They offer the usual 7x9x8 and 7x8x8 ft ties, along with many unusual ones.

Northland Wood pressure treats certain ties that are below par quality and have faced degradation, but also can be used for landscaping and several other purposes. You can get Grade IV ties, which means most degraded, for a discount price of 3 dollars per piece, to a whopping $200 for an industrial-grade new railroad tie. 

 You can contact Northland Wood at https://northlandwood.com/

#3 Alaska Railroad Corporation Auction

This official auction by the ARRC is conducted twice a year in Kenai, AK and you can get quality and freshly replaced railroad ties for extremely affordable prices.

7x9x8 size ties are available for a throwaway price of $5 a piece.

You have to present at the auction physically and can pay only via either Cash or Check.

You have to be able to carry the ties on your own, and a maximum of 50 ties may be bought, which would need a very large pickup or small truck to carry.

You can contact Alaska Railroad Corporation Auction at https://www.alaskarailroad.com/corporate/procurement/surplus-sales

railroad ties for sale arizona

Railroad Ties For Sale In Arizona

#1 Acme Sand And Gravel

Based in Tucson, AZ, and a newer location in Phoenix, AZ, Acme Sand, and Gravel are premium landscaping businesses and are also sellers of used railroad ties for landscaping purposes.

Depending on your use, they sell the standard 7x9x8 tie with a creosote treatment in 4 classes of degradation and quality.

Prices vary from $15 to $50 for a single tie plus variable shipping. Deliveries and even construction deals are possible, and their office must be called for a quote.

Overall, quality-wise consistent ties are available here with a good stock. 

You can contact Acme Sand And Gravel at


#2 A&K Railroad Materials

A nationwide supplier and shipper of railroad materials, including ties, A&K happens to have a major warehouse and office in Phoenix, AZ, and sell just about every imaginable quality and modification of railroad ties, and even sells brand new railroad ties if required.

They are also involved in railroad tie retrieval and have a vast stock of used railroad ties because of their operations all over the US.

Quotes on delivery may be received more promptly if you’re in our near Phoenix by calling the Phoenix Office, which is present at 2200 East Camelback Road.

Wholesale quotes will vary in affordability compared to a smaller order, so keep that in mind.

Prices range from $50 – $80, and shipping is the same for small or large orders.  

You can contact A&K Railroad Materials at https://www.akrailroad.com/.

#3 Mid-Am Equipment

Railroad and railroad materials company from Mesa, AZ. They supply railcar parts, supplies, and fresh new railroad ties for varying prices depending on the quality and intensity of treatment.

They supply four grades of ties based on the treatment levels, ranging from $30-$140 a piece.

Depending on the additional fee, the delivery may be possible in Mesa and Phoenix. Still, you can receive a quote by calling their main office or another number on their website.

You can contact Mid-Am Equipment at https://www.midamaz.com.

railroad ties for sale arkansas

Railway Ties For Sale In Arkansas

#1 Smith Lumber & Tie Mill Inc

A family-based business in West Helena, AR, provides mainly lumber for railroad materials. Still, they also sell used railroad ties and forestry-related by-products such as plant fibers and plant non-edible products. 

Their ties are freshly compacted and treated with non-breaking plating, resulting in strong and durable ties.

These are not suited for an aged aesthetic in your landscaping purpose, but they can be used to construct a sturdy shed or a structure. A pallet of their one variety of railroad ties, pinewood, may cost around $80. 

You can contact Smith Lumber & Tie Mill Inc at https://www.smithlumbercompany.com/.

#2 JR Banks Lumber Co

A timber company is shipping nationwide with an office in Huntsville, AR. They supply railroad ties. Specifically, discounts used or replaced railroad ties only in Arkansas, delivery optional and depending on circumstances.

They provide a larger variety of railroad ties than other local supply stores and prefer to provide a truckload, which will cost around $910.

They provide a good collection of woods and cuts from freshly fallen trees and sell a pallet for $80. This exclusive price and collection are available only for people who are physically in Arkansas or need their delivery in Huntsville.

You can contact JR Banks Lumber Co on +(479) 665-2211, as they don’t have a website. 

#3 Bearden Lumber Co

Based on the namesake, Bearden, AR, this specialty sawmill and logging operation has a large fraction of the forests around Bearden in its jurisdiction.

Because of that, Bearden Lumber Co is the most affordable offering on this list, as it sells ties or lower grades for extremely discounted prices. Prices range from $5 to $80, depending on whether it is reclaimed or good quality freshly pressed.

They sell cross and also switch ties, bridges, and other lumber products, including but not limited to Sawdust, peat, forestry byproducts, and non-edible plant products. Other kinds of woods are also present, making it a one-stop-shop for anyone in or around Bearden, AR.

You can contact Bearden Lumber Co at https://www.anthonytimberlands.com/bearden

buy used railroad ties in california

Railroad Ties For Sale In California

#1 A&K Railroad Ties

A & K Railroad ties are a national supplier of construction materials, especially railroad ties, with three offices in California, namely in Stockton, Jurupa Valley, and Mira Loma, CA. 

They provide the standard 7x8x9 ft ties and several modifications, and shipping rates are much lower in California due to multiple warehouses.

The ties are provided in different quality, and these are all reclaimed tiles, meaning that they were used in actual railroads at a certain point and come with a certain level of degradation.

They are still available at an extremely affordable range, and delivery must be discussed before the order is made to get a fair quote depending on order size.

Prices range from $20 to $60 a pallet, not including shipping.

You can contact A&K Railroad Ties at https://www.akrailroad.com/.

#2 Box Kite Barnyard

Outdoors and landscaping materials specialist based out of San Luis Obispo, CA.

They provide not only reclaimed railroad ties; they sort and grade them based on the level of degradation not only on physical strength but also aesthetics in the garden and outdoor landscaping.

They have a large stock of poles, barn wood, extra-long railroad ties, and standard dimensions at a very affordable rate such as $25 for a bunch.

And if you are physically there, they even let you sort and pick your own from a bigger collection of the same.

You can contact Box Kite Barnyard at https://www.boxkitebarnyard.com/.

#3 JDK Railroad Materials

A railroad materials and construction tools shop based in Chatsworth, CA. They do not deliver railroad ties or have a website for ordering online but make their sale through their brick-and-mortar shop at Owensmouth Avenue in Chatsworth, CA.

Prices range from $9 to $20 a piece, and the ties must be stowed and carried by the purchaser, as no transportation is available for the same.

You are free to pick and sort on your own from their collection of different grades of reclaimed railroad ties, and they are perfect for landscaping purposes.

You can contact JDK Railroad Materials at their official Facebook page for details at https://www.facebook.com/jdkrailroad/

buy used railway ties in colorado

Railroad Ties For Sale In Colorado

#1 Rocla Concrete Tie Inc

Rocla Concrete is a national-level provider of construction materials and among other products, they also sometimes sell reclaimed railroad ties. Based in Lakewood, CO, they are a dedicated supplier of construction materials, mainly in Colorado.

If you are in Lakewood or Breckenridge, you can reach their office and warehouse in the vicinity for sorting and buying reclaimed railroad ties for whatever purposes you intend to buy them. Price is flat at $15 for a bunch and 50$ for a pallet but may vary. Delivery in Colorado is possible, and pricing depends on order size.

You can contact Rocla Concrete Tie Inc at https://www.vossloh-north-america.com/

#2 United Railroad Services Co

It has an office in Englewood, CO. United Railroad Services is a family-owned business that has been in operation in and around Colorado for 40 years.

Along with track rehabilitation and repair, they also reclaim used tracks and sell the railroad ties and other reclaimed materials for a discounted price.

Rocky is also a local railroad expert and will provide excellent first-hand information to you. Prices are reasonable and vary depending on the level of degradation.

They range from $20 to $50 a pallet, open to negotiation. It is beneficial to buy more since they charge by truckloads.

Buying in bulk would be recommended; if not possible, to negotiate lower prices for small orders, only possible if you are physically present at their W. Hamilton, Englewood location.

You can contact United Railroad Services Co at https://www.urailroad.com/

#3 Pioneer Landscape Center

This franchise home supplies shop is very underrated and deserves a try. This particular location in Colorado Springs, CO, has blisteringly good reviews.

They sell not only just railroad ties but are a one-stop-shop for everything you need for landscaping and creating a beautiful garden.

They also sell chipped stone, boulders, and freshly treated wooden poles.

The railroad ties are new and treated, not reclaimed from train tracks, but available at a very reasonable rate.

The staff are extremely friendly and will help deliver the items to you. They range from prices $40 a piece to $80 a piece. 

You can contact Pioneer Landscape Center at https://www.pioneerco.com/locations

buy used railway ties in connecticut

Railroad Ties For Sale In Connecticut

#1 A&K Railroad Materials

The leaders of reclaimed railroad tie sales all around the United States have a warehouse and office in Hamden, CT.

They sell ties in the standard dimensions of 7x8x9 and other sizes, and delivery from Hamden to nearby locations is possible.

They have a flat shipping charge that is not affected by the size of the order.

A new type called Borate treated wood is available at this location, along with several others across the States, which increases the life of these reclaimed wooden ties by making them impervious to fungal attacks.

This is slightly expensive, but delivery is possible for this as well. Prices range from $20 a pallet to $80 a pallet, depending on quality. 

You can contact A&K Railroad Materials at https://www.akrailroad.com.

#2 Home Depot

There are many locations of Home Depot concentrated around suburbs. These locations include New Hartford, West Hartford, Bristol, and Waterbury, CT. These locations contain smaller than standard railroad ties and reclaimed wood materials, all of which are treated and geared towards your landscaping needs.

The prices are slightly on the more expensive side as these are industrially treated wooden materials. Prices range from $70 a tie to $120 a tie. 

Shipping and delivery charges are excessive, but you have the choice of so many locations and many more subsidiary storage warehouses where you can pick up your order on your own.

You can contact Home Depot at  https://www.homedepot.com.

#3 Hull Forest Products, Inc

Hull Forest Products is a lumber and nonedible forest product seller in Pomfret Center, CT. They have rights to felling trees in a certain region and along with hardwood, different types of wood, poles, 4 by 4s, and other wooden construction materials.

Their railroad ties are brand new and not reclaimed, so the prices are not discounted.

A pallet costs around $60 which is reasonable for freshly treated lumber. It is resistant to environmental effects and can be used in landscaping as an investment.

Shipping can be discussed by reaching their office or call.

You can contact Hull Forest Products at https://www.hullforest.com/ for a proper quote.

buy railway ties for sale in delaware

Railroad Ties For Sale In Delaware

#1 Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc

This national supplier for construction materials also sells reclaimed railroad ties as they are involved with the rehabilitation and maintenance of certain railroads.

They happen to have an office and warehouse in Bear, DE, making it possible to make physical purchases or get railroad ties shipped to you at a reasonable price if you live near Bear or anywhere in Delaware or even Pennsylvania.

The prices of the railroad ties vary and depend on the stock and supply of ties with the location you are at.

Since these are concrete-based, prices are above $200. Instead, you can get them shipped to your home for a flat fee, which could be beneficial if your order is bigger since Rocla has stocks of railroad ties all around the States. 

You can contact Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc at https://www.vossloh-north-america.com/.

#2 Macks Railroad Tie Installations

Based in Sussex County, DE, with several storage locations and offices all over Delaware, this local railroad tie seller sells reclaimed and freshly treated railroad ties and delivers them all over Delaware at marginal delivery costs.

Essentially, they are a landscaping company that will give you quotes depending on your project. This is a one-stop location for your landscaping needs, as they also provide installation services and creativity for landscaping.

You can visit their website to check if they have an office nearby if you want to forego installation and delivery charges and pick up the ties yourself. Prices range from $45 a tie to $70 a tie. 

You can contact Macks Railroad Tie Installations at https://macksrailroadties.com/.

#3 Coldsmith Sawmill

Their sawmill is located in eastern PA, but they deliver all over Delaware. They only do deliveries, so you cannot pick up ties on your own.

The shipping charges are negligible, and the ties are of top quality.

Coldsmith Sawmill is a supplier of railroad ties among mulch, hardwood lumber, sawdust, and other products used in your landscaping project.

Their prices range from $40 a tie to $120 a pallet.

You can contact Coldsmith Sawmill at 717-532-8127, as they don’t have a website.

buy used railway ties in florida

Railroad Ties For Sale In Florida

#1 Tampa Crosstie And Landscape Supplies

Based in Ruskin, FL, this is a dedicated landscaping company that makes deliveries at a charge. In-store shopping and pickup are available and save much more money than shipping.

They provide cross ties, switch ties, and everything else you might need for landscaping.

Their specialty is outdoor furniture made from railroad ties and is something you should look into if you are considering them for your purchase.

The ties are of standard sizes and reclaimed from local trainyards. They are older than other sellers’ stock and may degrade faster, but they are perfect for your garden’s aesthetic while landscaping.

Prices range from $50 to $120 a pallet. They also sell bagged mulch, boulders, and rock chips, making it an ideal place to visit if you are looking into landscaping. 

You can contact Tampa Crosstie And Landscape Supplies at  https://www.tampacrossties.com/.

#2 Cross Ties Of Ocala, Inc

Based in Ocala, FL. Cross Ties of Ocala is a seller of landscape and relay ties, and they supply to actual railroads as well. Since they manufacture railroad ties, most of the ties in their stock are not reclaimed, but they have a collection of discounted railroad ties from older tracks that have been decommissioned.

Shipping details are not provided, and their office in Ocala must be called to get a quote. The prices for brand-new ties range from $50 to $70 depending on the modification chosen, and used railroad ties are much cheaper.

You can contact Cross Ties Of Ocala, Inc at https://crosstiesofocala.com/

#3 Sod Depot

Florida-based landscaping materials seller has two locations: Longwood, FL, and Orlando, FL. They sell everything you need for landscaping, focusing on gardening materials.

They have a decent stock of used and reclaimed railroad ties sourced from nearby railyards.

The quality of the ties is top tier and is priced at $30 for a single tie. Shipping options for bulk orders are available and must be discussed with the manager.

Sod Depot also sells bagged mulch, and construction materials, garden specifically. 

You can contact Sod Depot at https://soddepotflorida.com/ for shipping details.

buy used railway ties in georgia

Railroad Ties For Sale In Georgia

#1 Nature’s Supply Center

This landscaping and gardening company has franchise shops in Mableton, GA.

They sell reclaimed and freshly treated ties and landscaping materials, such as chipped rock, balsa, pressure-treated concrete, and rocks for riverbeds. 

They sell ties of the usual 8x7x9 dimensions from about $15 to $50 a single tie. Shipping is separate and variable; the company prefers in-store shopping.

You can request a call back for more details on pricing or mail them with your queries. They are a great option for your landscaping needs. 

You can contact Nature’s Supply Center at https://www.naturessupplycentre.net/railroad-ties.

#2 Green Bros. Earth Works

A family business of landscaping materials based in Alpharetta and Woodstock, GA. They deliver ties and other landscaping materials directly to your doorstep and provide a small contractor’s discount should you choose to employ them to do the landscaping for your garden. 

Their prices are extremely reasonable and range from $15 to $45 a tie, making them one of the most affordable options for landscaping materials. This also depends on whether they are given contractors’ work and allowed to ideate landscaping for your garden. 

You can contact Green Bros. Earth Works at https://www.greenbrothersearthworks.com/ for a quote.

#3 Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw

A timber and lumber yard was also involved in maintaining railroads and reclaiming unusable tracks.

Based in Gainesville, GA, this small yard maintains a humongous stock of railroad ties and other wooden poles, posts, and fencings, which it sells for a discount at reasonable rates, with no shipping possible, but they help in loading the wood.

Prices range from $15 to $40 per tie, and you can get a pallet prepared for $60, which they will load using their forklift. No deliveries are possible. 

You can contact Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw at https://www.georgiasfinestpinestraw.com/

buy used railway ties hawaii

Railroad Ties For Sale In Hawaii

#1 Macks Landscaping Solutions

This national-level landscaping company has Honolulu, Maui, and Kauai County offices.

They specialize in caring for all your landscaping needs and ideating for your outdoor garden and its design.

They are an approved seller of reclaimed railroad ties and often have a large stock sold at discounted rates.

Small-scale orders may be expensive, as Macks specializes in designing and executing designs for whole gardens. Ties go for 20$ apiece, are high quality, and have extra shipping. 

To get a proper quote, you can contact Macks Landscaping at https://macksrailroadties.com.

#2 Rinell Wood Systems

Lumber specialist and wood materials provider based in Honolulu.

They are licensed sellers of wood products by several brands and sell ties when they have stock.

These are freshly pressed and treated ties, unlike reclaimed ones, which might not be suitable for landscaping if you look for degradation.

They are useful in building sheds, fences, etc.

Prices may be unaffordable for some, but Rinell Wood ensures you do not need to lift a finger during construction, as they also manage construction solutions and are contractors.

Average-sized decks and shed construction with ties may cost around $250 for materials plus the contractor fee. 

To get a quote directly, contact Rinell Wood Systems at https://www.rwshawaii.com/.

#3 Wayne’s Lumber Inc

This local lumber yard is based in Kaneohe, HI. They are sellers of most forestry-related products and wooden materials of almost all specifications.

They do custom orders and ship to nearby regions at variable prices. They have railroad ties in stock, freshly cut and treated, and can be used for the usual construction purposes.

Also, they give contractors discounts if you buy the wood from them. Ties go for about $30 to $70 apiece.

To get a proper quote, you can contact Wayne’s Lumber Inc at +1 808-247-5999, as this is a local business and doesn’t have a proper website.

buy railway ties in idaho

 Railroad Ties For Sale In Idaho

#1 Canyon Hardscape Inc

Based in Caldwell, ID, this is a landscaping company with a special focus on delivering landscaping materials to your doorstep.

Along with railway ties, which sell for about $25 a piece, they also sell bagged mulch, chipped rock, and other landscaping materials to make your garden look beautiful.

Canyon Hardscape reclaims nearby wooden ties from Treasure Valley, with some of the thickest railroads.

These are all top-quality railroad ties and can be delivered to your door; the shipping prices vary. 

You can contact Canyon Hardscape Inc at https://www.canyonhardscape.com/ to get a quote on shipping prices.

#2 Roots Idaho

A chain-based landscaping franchise with an Idaho warehouse and shopping complex in Middleton, ID, sells landscaping goods such as sand, gravel, bagged mulch, chipped rock, and plant substrate.

Their bestseller is the railroad tie, which sells for $25 a piece or $100 a bunk, which contains 16 railroad ties. They can be delivered, but shipping rates vary.

They also give out creativity and design for free and a bigger order.

You can buy railroad ties and get them shipped to your house, provided you are in Idaho. 

You can contact Roots Idaho for a shipping quote at https://www.rootsidaho.com/.

#3 Wolverine Rocks And Rubber

Local business based in Idaho Falls, ID. They are the largest landscaping and renovation supply shop in Idaho Falls.

They sell Cedar-based freshly pressed and treated ties, meaning they are not reclaimed and sell at a higher price.

Prices range from the price of $30 per tie to $120 for a bunch of sixteen ties. They also sell pavement, steel, and concrete ties and provide landscaping solutions.

Shipping depends on whether they are contracted for landscaping but may vary. 

Shipping prices may vary, and you can contact Wolverine Rocks and Rubber at https://www.rocksandrubber.com/

buy used railway ties in illinois

Railroad Ties For Sale In Illinois

#1 Menards Inc

This franchise-based house repair and construction materials seller has several stores in Illinois, some popular in Antioch and Fox Lake, IL.

They sell reclaimed ties, which are creosote-treated and in fairly good condition. They maintain a large stock at all stores, and shipping is charged.

You can get rebates and discounts depending on your order size and delivery method. Truckloads are the most expensive, followed by courier and mailed varieties, which take time.

The prices are fair at $29.35 per tie, but to get a fairer idea, you can contact Menards Inc at https://www.menards.com/ and find a store closest to you for the most convenience.

#2 Rural King Inc

Another franchise-based seller of farm appliances, goods, guns, and among other things, gardening and landscaping supplies.

It has several Illinois stores, most popular in Macon County, Litchfield, Charleston, Plano, and Rantoul, IL.

They sell grade 2 reclaimed railroad ties of the standard dimensions of 7x8x9 inches. These ties have seen higher levels of degradation and weathering and are perfect for decorating a garden.

Building using these would not be advisable. These ties are available at a discount, as you can get a single tie for $19.

Contact Rural King Inc at https://www.ruralking.com/ and check out the shipping details.

#3 A&K Railroad Materials

The largest seller of railroad ties and other railway-related materials nationwide throughout the States, A & K Railroad Materials has one of its biggest yards in Granite City, IL, where you can get a pallet of 16 ties for a measly $63.

These rates are possible only if you pick up the ties physically. Shipping is possible, and the price is a flat fee, the same for small or large orders.

You can contact AK Railroad Materials Granite City Yard at http://www.akrailroad.com/granite-city-yard

buy used railway ties in indiana

Railroad Ties For Sale In Indiana

#1 Indiana Mulch & Stone

This is generally a gardening and supplies shop based in Indianapolis, IN. It sells mulch, soil, chipped stone, rocks, vermicompost, and vermiculite.

It has only recently started selling railroad ties, so its stock is small because the prices are slightly premium. You can get a single tie for $40, a premium price, but these are guaranteed good quality ties with zero dry rot.

Rates of shipping may vary, but the website claims shipping is possible only in some areas of Indianapolis. 

You can contact Indiana Mulch & Stone at https://store.indianamulch.com/.

#2 Polywood, Inc

This high-end manufacturer and engineer of plastic and polymer-based wood substitutes provide a cheaper and more durable option to traditional wooden railroad ties.

They have shops in Indianapolis and Kokomo, IN. These plastic-based railroad ties can be used to construct sheds, patios, tables, and other garden furniture.

Since they are thermosetting plastic, they are resistant to the sun, weathering, and dry rot, among other things. They are more or less a one-time purchase, as they last for a lifetime.

You can get a Polywood Tie for $60 a piece, which may sound expensive, but if you consider the cost of replacing rotten old ties, it’s a bargain. Shipping rates may vary depending on the distance from the closest shop. 

You can contact Polywood Inc at https://www.polywood.com/.

#3 A&K Railroad Materials

The largest national supplier of railroad ties and railroad-based products has a general office along with several yards in Indianapolis, specifically Valparaiso, IN.

They have standard dimension wooden railroad ties in two grades, going for $30 to $50 a piece depending on which grade.

You can contact AK Railroad Materials at  http://www.akrailroad.com/locations-0

buy railroad ties iowa

Railroad Ties For Sale In Iowa

#1 Repurposed Materials, Inc

A local eco-conscious store in Brighton, IA. They sell all sorts of construction materials that are unconventional and mostly reused, and upcycled in nature.

They have a large surplus stock of concrete ties, selling for $20 a piece and $1000 for a truckload of 60 pieces.

They claim the concrete ties can be used to construct large walls, staircases, and a shed, but it might be difficult to do it yourself. Hence they also provide contractors discounts if you buy materials from them.

They are also sellers of garden materials, among other construction ingredients. 

You can contact Repurposed Materials Inc at  https://www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com/.

#2 Markstaar, Inc

A big-box retailer is also involved in the home improvement business and sells construction materials of user-listed goods at a small commission fee.

They have a major warehouse and location in Ames, IA, making it suitable to order since shipping is negligible.

They have a stock of unusually sized 6x6x8 and 6x7x9 plastic and lumber railroad ties, which are recycled and remade.

This means these are freshly pressed and not directly reclaimed but made from recycled wood and plastic.

A single plastic tie is $60, and $25 for a wooden tie in 1st-grade quality.

Shipping is very low, as ties are difficult to transport.

You can contact Markstaar at https://www.markstaar.com/Recycled-Plastic-Lumber/Recycled-Plastic-Landscape-Timbers/.

#3 Home Depot

This massive chain has variable inventory depending on the region it is in.

It has several stores in Iowa, the important ones being in Des Moines, Urbandale, and Ankeny, IA.

These stores have a good stock of railroad ties, which are sold at prices over $40 per piece to $60 per piece, with the option of buying a truckload for $980, which is the most economical option.

These are wooden ties of standard dimensions. 

You can contact Home Depot at  https://www.homedepot.com/

buy railroad ties in kansas

Railroad Ties For Sale In Kansas

#1 Sutherlands Inc

Sutherlands is a home improvement and construction materials franchise chain specializing in bulk orders, but it also has the option of retail in-store shopping.

They have stores all over the States, and they have a major warehouse and store in Olathe, KS.

Shipping is not possible, although it might be feasible to pick up the ties if you live nearby.

The ties are oak and reclaimed; they have also been treated again after reclamation. They sell for $50 apiece.

Sutherlands Inc also sells plastic and concrete ties for higher prices. Other landscaping materials can also be found here too.

You can contact Sutherlands Inc at  https://sutherlands.com/.

#2 A&K Railroad Materials Inc

The largest seller of reclaimed wooden ties in the States, A & K Railroad Materials has one of its biggest and central yards in Kansas City, KS.

This means shipping in Kansas is much cheaper, and you can ship a truckload for the same price as a few pallets, but that depends on your need.

The ties in this yard go for the usual $20 for grade 2 and $45 for grade 1 each tie.

Buying in bulk is much more economical from A&K Railroad Materials.

You can contact A&K Railroad Materials Inc at http://www.akrailroad.com/.

#3 Home Depot

This gigantic home improvement franchise does sell railroad ties and has a location in Kansas City, KS.

The prices are more than others on the list, but shipping is free if you live close to the store. 

You can get a tie for $25, grade 2, and a truckload for $1000.

These prices vary depending on local stock, but Kansas City Home Depot has a very large stock.

You can contact Home Depot at  https://www.homedepot.com/.

buy railroad ties in kentucky

Railroad Ties For Sale in Kentucky

#1 Caleb Wilson Lumber

This family-owned lumber mill and ranch based in Somerset, KY, sells freshly felled wood in several different cuts and variations and offers forestry-related products.

They also sell newly made ties, which go around the price range of $10 for fencing sheets to $45 per freshly cut and treated tie.

They are not a large-scale lumber mill, so stock may vary frequently. The prices are amazing for value products, but shipping may be a problem.

You can contact them directly for a quote or visit their farm. They do not have a website but take business-related queries on their Facebook page, which is:


#2 Simply Mulch

A local landscaping and gardening hobby store in Bowling Green, KY.

They offer services such as garden maintenance and contractors discounts for Scottsville and Veteran Memorial Lane areas and have a wide selection of curated landscaping materials.

They have beautifully distressed and reclaimed railroad ties for sale, often for your landscaping needs. They sell granite, chipped wood, and bagged mulch, but their ties are extremely beautiful and will make your garden look amazing.

They go for $40 to $70 depending on grade and treatment per tie and $125 for a bundle of 6, with slightly inferior durability.

These are not always in stock, so it is better to confirm in advance. They ship to Scottsville and Veteran Memorial Ln, but prices may vary depending on the order.

You can contact them using https://www.simplymulchky.com/.

#3 84 Lumber

This nationwide seller of lumber and building materials has many locations in Kentucky.

The most important of these stores are located in Louisville, KY.

They sell many cuts and variations of industry-standard wooden building materials and sell used and freshly treated railroad ties in their Louisville locations.

The prices vary from $35 per tie to $50 per tie, depending on the quality.

You can find the store nearest to you using https://www.84lumber.com/.

buy railroad ties in louisiana

Railroad Ties for Sale in Louisiana

#1 Stine Home Inc.

This chain of stores selling home improvement and landscaping materials and tools has several locations and stores that sell its products in Louisiana.

Some popular stores among these are Broussard and Crowley, LA. Their prices range from $5 for fencing timber to $18 to $35 for railroad ties.

These prices are very reasonable, especially for a franchise of home improvement products, and are an improvement over the prices offered by their closest competitors.

Stine Home also sells other timber cuts for landscaping, bagged mulch, stone chips, and many other options.

They collaborate with local lumberyards at every store location and pride themselves on quick delivery and low shipping rates.

You can also buy gardening equipment and tools from Stine Home too.

You can contact Stine Home at  https://www.stinehome.com/.

#2 Bayou Forest Products

Bayou Forest Products is a dependable and professional seller of timber, wood, and other forestry products in Sulphur, LA.

They have the widest variety of wood types for railroad ties, available as crossties and switch ties.

Their ties are creosote or naphthalene treated, which increases their durability. They range from $30 to $45 per tie and are of the standard dimensions of 7x8x9.

You can contact them through their contact details on the website and get accurate shipping quotes and prices:  https://www.bayouforest.com/railroadtimbers.

#3 Gross & Janes Co.

Gross & Jane Co is a regional seller of railroad ties that undergoes the most rigorous treatment using professional methods up to industrial standards.

They have locations in Kentucky and Louisiana and usually sell ties for bulk orders and ship them.

Shipping costs are marginal since orders are large, generally truckloads or more. They sell their truckload for $985, but prices may vary due to shipping depending on route and distance. 

It is not possible to make smaller orders here at the moment, but you can contact Gross & Jane Co at http://www.grossjanes.com/about-us.html for more information.

buy railroad ties in maine

Railroad Ties For Sale In Maine

#1 York Woods Tree & Products

This lumber yard and forestry product seller based in Eliot, ME, sells railroad ties for reasonable rates, along with other cuts and variations of timber for construction purposes, landscaping, and decorative items.

They sell specialized gardening timber, mulch, fertilizers, plants from nurseries, and seeds.

Their ties sell for $20 to $40 a piece, depending on stock and demand.

They ship in nearby regions in Eliot but must be confirmed beforehand before placing an order.

York Woods Tree & Product is a local, family-run business, but it is an extremely scaled-up operation, and you can get smaller and many larger bulk orders from them.

You can contact York Woods Tree & Products at


#2 Hammond Lumber Company

This Maine-based lumber company serves several locations in Maine, 21 in total, including but not limited to Auburn, Bangor, and Bar Harbor, ME.

They have extremely reasonable rates and provide a personalized shopping experience based on your property.

They provide railroad ties for $50 for a bundle of four, but these are inferior in durability.

This should not be a problem for landscaping purposes.

Still, if you are constructing a shed or fence using these, you are better off contacting Hammond for contractors, and they will give a quote depending on your project and property, along with discounts on material price. 

You can contact Hammond Lumber Company at  https://www.hammondlumber.com/.

#3 By The Board Lumber Co.

Another Maine-based entrant is a lumber yard and forestry products seller in Readfield, ME.

They are a local and family-owned business but tend to have industrial and larger orders.

You can buy all variations of the standard timber; their wood is kiln dried and treated with naphthalene and creosote.

Their ties range from $20 per tie to around $60 per tie, depending on whether it is reclaimed, freshly treated, or of inferior quality. 

You can contact By The Board Lumber Co at https://www.bytheboardlumber.com/

buy railroad ties in maryland

Railroad Ties for Sale in Maryland

#1 CD Thomas Co.

An old family-run landscaping business based in Baltimore, MD, sells gravel, chipped stone, bagged mulch, fertilizers, and topsoil, and they also reclaim railroad ties.

They are helpful and often do deliveries for free if you are within their range.

They may ship for farther regions but have a marginal charge.

Their store is located at Earls Road near Middle River.

Their ties sell for anywhere between $20 to $35 a piece and may be higher depending on stock.

You can contact CD Thomas Co at their Facebook business page, which is https://www.facebook.com/cdthomasco/.

#2 Home Depot

This international home improvement and landscaping materials franchise has several locations in Maryland, most of them in or around Baltimore.

Their prices are the same as anywhere in the nation, and shipping rates are genuinely expensive.

They sell a tie for $30, and a premium treated reclaimed tie for around $52.

The prices for shipping change depending on local demand and the distance of the delivery address.

Apart from ties, they have all sorts of landscaping tools and other home improvement tools and goods, making it a one-stop-shop for household hardware issues.

Home Depot also has locations around Parkville, Glen Burnie, Annapolis, and Baltimore, MD. 

You can contact Home Depot at  https://www.homedepot.com.

#3 Lowe’s Home Improvement

Lowe’s Home Improvement is another national-level home improvement and landscaping materials franchise.

They seem to have a store almost everywhere Home Depot does, but in Maryland, they have more stores in niche locations.

Their prices are in the same range as Home Depot, from $25 to $50 for a tie, depending on the quality.

Shipping and truck rentals are available at most locations but must be confirmed before ordering. 

You can contact Lowe’s Home Improvement at https://www.lowes.com/

buy used railroad ties in massachusetts

Railroad Ties for Sale in Massachusetts

#1 Railroad Ties of New England

This is a dedicated local seller of railroad ties.

This store takes up calls regarding railroad rehabilitation and sells the older railroad ties they have reclaimed for discounted rates to people utilizing these for landscaping purposes.

They are based in Townsend, MA, and sell railroad ties, namely crossties, switch ties, and plate ties.

These were treated in the past but have faced a certain degree of degradation because they are reclaimed.

The prices are extremely reasonable, ranging from $8 to $25, depending on the degree of degradation per tie.

They do not have a website of their own, but you can contact them using +1 978-505-4786 to get a shipping quote or help find their store.

#2 South Shore Landscape Supply

A local business that is extremely professional and has one of the biggest stores for landscaping and home improvement-related goods in Massachusetts.

Their store in Rockland, MA, is huge and offers a glimpse into how their products would look after applying, as their entire store is landscaped for you to sample visually.

Their prices in the forties range from $20 to $50 depending on the type of treatment of the ties before they are reclaimed.

They accept credit cards and offer materials on advance payments for free shipping if your location is close to Rockland or most areas in New England.

You can contact South Shore Landscape Supply for a quote at https://sslandscapesupply.com/.

#3 T.W Nickerson, Inc.

T.W Nickerson is one of the largest local suppliers of landscaping, excavation supplies, demolition supplies, and, of course, reclaimed railroad ties.

They also take up contractor work for landscaping and excavations.

Due to fuel costs, mulch and chipped gravel prices have been high since the pandemic.

Ties sell anywhere between $30 to $50, depending on local stock. They have a 40-acre facility to store and process all these different supplies and tools.

You can contact T.W Nickerson at  http://www.twnickerson.com/

buy used railroad ties in michigan

Railroad Ties for Sale in Michigan

#1 Alfonsi Railroad Construction

This is a railroad contractor and used tie seller who also deals in other scrapped and reclaimed wood materials, mostly from railroads.

They are based in Brownstown, MI, and have a warehouse and corporate office.

You can contact them for the price depending on the availability of the different grades of reclaimed ties.

It ranges from $8 for near scrap or economic railroad ties to $45 for premium quality railroad ties.

They get their ties graded by a local lumber company, polishing them and treating them again, which smells slightly different.

Still, a few weeks after installation, the smell fades away, increasing the durability of your tie tenfold.

You can contact Alfonsi Railroad Construction at  https://alfonsirailroad.com/contact-us.

#2 AJD ForestProducts LP

This lumber sawmill is an industrial-scale operation based out of Grayling, MI.

They have a huge factory where lumber and forestry-related products from nearby countryside and woods are processed and treated.

AJD sell all timber variants, but they also sell freshly pressed cross ties treated with creosote, which go for around $45 per tie and $150 for a bundle of 6.

You can order a truckload or a few pallets from $200 to $1000.

They generally prefer to sell freshly cut lumber to other factories, as they have felling operations, but they do have stocks of other processed wood too.

AJD ForestProducts also sells lots of different forestry-related products which may be useful to you while building a garden in your backyard, like tree stumps as decorative materials for landscaping. 

You can contact AJD ForestProducts LP at https://www.ajdforestproducts.com/.

#3 AK Railroad Materials

This nationwide seller of railroad ties happens to be located in Valparaiso, IN, a 3 hour’s drive from Michigan.

You can contact their Indiana office and ask for deliveries to Michigan and additional costs if you do not have any other options.

The prices of the ties are the same and range from $15 per tie to $65 per tie, depending on grade and quality.

Shipping may be expensive, but it is the same for large and small orders.

You can contact AK Railroad Materials at http://www.akrailroad.com/locations-0

buy used railroad ties in minnesota

Railroad Ties for Sale in Minnesota

#1 Menards Co

This national chain of home improvement goods provides services at competitive rates that value your time.

They have several locations all over Minnesota, namely in Duluth, Alexandria, Elk River, Bemidji, Blaine, Brooklyn Park, Buffalo, and even Rochester, MNy.

This means Menards ships all over Minnesota for a minimal shipping charge.

Amongst other landscaping goods like mulch, topsoil, and granite, they sell ties for a fairly hiked price of $35 per tie and only one grade of a tie.

You can hand-sort these ties if you are shopping in-store, but you can rest assured that Menards has a stock of premium, quality ties, and the staff are very helpful.

You can contact Menards Co at  https://www.menards.com/.

#2 J&J Railroad Salvage

This small local firm is a 40-year-old family business expert in extracting and rehabilitating old defunct railroads in Morgan, MN.

This means they have a large stock of railroad ties, but most of them are of inferior quality, yet they sell for $15 apiece, with no change in price for any ties.

No shipping is available since they are a small operation, but you are free to visit their yard and choose your ties,

They do not have a website, although you can contact them at (507) 249-3630 for more details and timings and dates of their sales.

#3 Perrys Hobbies

A railroad enthusiast shop that sells model trains and other hobbies like timber books or railroad books also has a stock of old train parts, engines, and railroad ties, as you might have guessed.

These ties are rarely sold or in stock, but the shop owner, also based in Morgan, MN, will help you since he is enthusiastic about railroads.

He has a collection of railroad-related materials and items. He sells ties for $30 to $50 per piece, depending on the quality or value of the tie. 

You can contact Perry’s Hobbies at  http://www.perryshobbies.com/

Railroad Ties for Sale in Mississippi

#1 McCoy’s Building Supply

McCoy’s Building Supply is a chain of home improvement supplies and construction materials with locations all over the US.

It has locations in Greenville, Vicksburg, and Laurel, MS, which sell, among other things, fencing and railroad ties for landscaping purposes.

These ties are high quality and can be utilized for construction purposes, keeping in mind their size is slightly small, so it is better suited for garden sheds or fencing walls.

An average tie costs $35, but prices may vary depending on the stock. You can contact them regarding shipping charges on their website. 

You can contact McCoy’s Building Supply at  https://www.mccoys.com/

#2 National Salvage And Service Corporation

This is a railroad and infrastructure rehabilitation and salvaging company based in Alabama and a two-hour journey from Mississippi.

Their used railroad ties sale does not happen throughout the year. Instead, it happens only when they get a bigger salvage product regarding railroads.

They are extremely discounted, and you could get really good prices, ranging from $15 to $35 per tie and around $800 for a truckload.

Since this company is not explicitly a seller of railroad ties or landscaping material, salvage rates are applicable, making it cheaper.

Still, every deal must be negotiated individually to avoid hassles in price variability.

You can contact National Salvage And Service Corporation at sales@nssccorp.com or use their website, which is https://www.nssccorp.com/.

#3 84 Lumber Co.

This nationwide supplier of timber, variations of wooden materials, and other wood-related products.

They have a store location in Richland, MS, via which they happen to ship from as well.

This location is an extremely large store, making in-store shopping a viable option if you live nearby.

The ties go from $20 to $50 apiece, and shipping is possible, but charges may vary depending on the order size.

You can contact 84 Lumber Co at  https://www.84lumber.com/

buy railroad ties in missouri

Railroad Ties for Sale in Missouri

#1 Missouri Tie, LLC

This nationwide seller of used, freshly pressed, and treated railroad ties has been supplying railroad and railway corporations for decades and is based in Bunker, MO.

They have an incredible processing facility and sell freshly cut ties from the price range of $45 per tie.

Their used ties go for around $18 to $35 per tie, depending on the quality and level of degradation it has faced.

They do all sorts of treatment, but their direct sales come from creosote-treated crossties, expensive for landscaping.

Their used railroad ties are inexpensive but not very durable, but perfect for garden decoration and small construction projects.

They mostly take bulk orders, so your order will be preferred for shipping if you want a large shipment.

You can contact Missouri Tie, LLC for a quote and shipping charges at https://www.missouritie.com/.

#2 Yangtze Railroad Materials

This is a local supplier of railroad materials such as spare parts for locomotives, washers, nuts, and bolts.

They also sell used railroad ties that they have a stock of after salvage work. Based in Rosedale, MO.

This industrial service company periodically makes railroad ties for saleat extremely discounted prices, but these rarely happen in a year.

Although, It is something to be on the lookout for, as prices of ties may be as low as $10 apiece at these sales.

They also sell other railroad-related memorabilia for decorative purposes, such as model trains and smaller locomotives.

So if you’re going for a railroad-themed garden, this place might be perfect for you.

You can contact Yangtze Railroad Materials at  https://yangtzeproducts.com/.

#3 Dirt World

A landscaping store location-based in Lee’s Summit, MO. They sell everything related to landscaping, from bagged mulch and chipped granite to sand and topsoil.

Most importantly, they also sell railroad ties for a fairly reasonable price of $25 per tie.

You can contact them using their website for all your landscaping needs, and they also take up garden landscaping contracts.

You can contact Dirt World at https://www.dirtworldkc.com/

buy railroad ties in montana

Railroad Ties for Sale in Montana

#1 Montana Railroad Services, Inc

Veterans and pioneers in railroad servicing and salvage work in Joliet, MT. They also sell used railroad ties depending on their stock

However, this might not be the most dependable source of railroad ties in the area.

Like most companies pick up the phone, it is always better to check before setting out for their physical brick-and-mortar store.

Their primary job is to take up railroad repair and rehabilitation contracts in and around Montana.

Sometimes they will have large sales.

They offer ties at an extremely discounted rate when they have these sales, and they advertise the sales whenever they happen in the year.

Ties can go for as low as $8 to $25 per tie.

You can contact  Montana Railroad Services at  https://mtrrservices.com/.

#2 Montana Nursery and Landscape Supply

This is a nursery and landscaper’s office, along with it being a one-stop shop for all gardening and landscaping materials as well.

They primarily take up larger contracts for landscaping, such as groves and bigger gardens, but they also sell railroad ties, bagged mulch, chipped granite, fencing, and wood-based poles.

They are also special as they supply trees for replantation, and if you’re looking for that for your garden, then it is the perfect place.

Their railroad ties sell from $20 to $40 a tie, depending on the grade of the tie.

You are allowed to hand-sort ties from their respective grade piles. Shipping is possible only if your delivery location is in Helena Valley, MT.

You can contact Montana Nursery and Landscape Supply at  https://www.montananurserylandscape.com/.

#3 Valley Landscape Supply

This is mainly a gardening tool shop branched into landscaping materials.

Based in Corvallis, MT, this shop sells the usually bagged mulch, topsoil, granite, and of course, it also sells railroad ties.

Their prices are slightly marked up, but their quality is also top-notch.

A single tie costs $30; they sell ties in only one grade, and shipping is negotiable.

You can contact Valley Landscape Supply at https://vlsmt.com/

buy railroad ties in nebraska

Railroad Ties for Sale in Nebraska

#1 Landscape Designs, Inc

This landscaping veteran has made yards and gardens look beautiful for 30 years.

Based in Omaha, NE, they also double as a shop with only in-store shopping as they don’t ship materials unless you have hired them as your landscaper, for which they also hand out discounts.

They sell bagged mulch, topsoil, plants, and large mountain rocks, which is unusual, but not in Omaha.

The prices of their railroad ties range from $20 to $60 apiece, as they get their ties imported from nearby states.

You can get a discount and free shipping if you hire them for your landscaping, but if you plan to do it yourself, the ties and other supplies may cost you more.

You can contact Landscape Designs regarding quotes and shipping prices, if any, at http://landscapedesignsomaha.com/.

#2 The Rock Pile

This is one of the most extensive catalogs any landscaping service in the US offers. They also have a great business name too.

They have a few locations outside of Nebraska. Still, their original location is in Gering, NE.

They provide services such as making outdoor furniture out of discounted ties, outdoor pool, pavement, mulch, granite, and topsoil; construction materials reused and repurposed.

Their ties sell for a mind-blowing price of $10 per tie, but they don’t ship anywhere except in Gering.

You can contact The Rock Pile at https://therockpile.net/.

#3 Menards 

You know Menards, the landscaping and home improvement supply chain all over the US.

They usually have a great stock of railroad ties and have few locations in Nebraska, namely in Omaha, Elkhorn, and Broken Bow, NE.

You can get shipping quotes and tie prices, which vary depending on store location, and also, an assorted collection of supplies is different even in stores within the same state.

Usually, ties go for $30 per tie in Nebraska, which are older, imported ties that have degradation.

You can contact Menards at https://www.menards.com/

buy railroad ties in nevada

Railroad Ties For Sale in Nevada

#1 Nevada Railroad Materials+Services

Nevada Railroad Materials and Services is a railroad tie rehabilitation expert and seller of all things related to railcars, tracks, and other memorabilia.

They are based in Nevada, Arkansas, and Oklahoma and sell refurbished and reclaimed railroad ties that they collect from decommissioned railroads.

They have an experience of 30 years with refurbishing and reselling railroad ties, crossties, and switch ties extracted from real railroads.

Their ties are sold at extremely reasonable rates, but they do bulk orders only, starting from a truckload for $900 and a pallet of 6 ties for $100.

Shipping rates may vary as their refurbishing locations are in Arizona, but they have several corporate offices throughout Nevada as the company started in Nevada.

You can contact them for further details and a quote on shipping from https://nevadarail.com/

#2 Bedrock Landscape Supply LLC

This is a landscaping and home improvement store, a family-run business based on the outskirts of Las Vegas, NV.

They sell bagged mulch, topsoil, planter’s mix, boulders from Mojave, and chipped desert rock for landscaping.

However, they also sell railroad ties whenever they are in stock.

However, selling railroad ties for gardening purposes via a gardening shop is illegal in Nevada due to creosote poisoning and soil pollution.

Selling ties itself is not illegal, though, so you can get one whenever they have a sale, ranging from $15 to $45 a tie, depending on the quality and level of degradation.

Shipping rates are variable, but in-store shopping is preferred. You would also get to sort and pick from your grade of ties by hand, which is a plus.

You can contact them using their website, which is https://bedrocklandscapesupply.com/

#3 Parson Rocks

A landscaping materials seller specifically focuses on stones for paving and decoration.

They sell artificial grass, grit, slate, river rocks, wooden retainer walls, and railroad ties for your gardening needs.

Based in Henderson, NV, their ties go between $20 to $40 per tie.

You can contact them using their website for shipping rates within Henderson at https://www.parsonsrocks.com/

buy used railroad ties in new hampshire

Railroad Ties for Sale in New Hampshire

#1 East Coast Lumber

This wooden building materials store based in East Hampstead, NH, has one of the widest varieties of landscaping ties available.

These are not creosote treated, meaning they are not harmful to the environment. 

These ties are extracted from lumber refuse and not railroad tracks, as East Coast Lumber does not involve itself in railroad rehabilitation and reclamation programs.

The prices of the ties are exquisite, along with the wide variety of crossties, switch ties, and hemlock ties, all of which go from $16 to $25.

You can contact them using their website for shipping details and other quotes on bulk orders at https://store.eastcoastlumber.net/.

#2 Pro Landscape Supply

This local business which sells landscaping materials, tools, and other gardening supplies, is also a professional landscaping contractor based in Goffstown, NH, with a second store in Manchester, NH.

They serve nearby areas, such as Hooksett as well.

Pro Landscape Supply sells the standard bagged mulch, grass, chipped stone, slate, and even traveling.

They also provide contractors discounts if you buy goods and services, with free shipping.

Ties sell for $16 to $40, depending on the grade.

Their ties are fresh from lumber mills and not from railroads; hence, they are of better quality for less than the premium price.

You can contact them for all your landscaping needs, as they provide an extensive list of services too long to cover in this list.

You can find their store and contact them using their website https://supplynh.com/.

#3 LandCare Associates Stone Supply

This local store sells quarried stones, landscaping supplies, contracting services, and more based in Madbury, NH, and Stratham Hill, NH.

They sell all kinds of rock-based veneering and retainer walls, passageways, and garden construction jobs.

Their ties sell for a steep $30 per tie, and you are free to pick your ties by hand at their store locations.

You can contact them for shipping prices and other details at https://landcarestone.com/.

buy railroad ties in new jersey

Railroad Ties For Sale in New Jersey

#1 The Yard Topsoil & Mulch

This is a landscaping materials seller based in Scotch Plains, NJ. Along with an extensive catalog of natural fertilizer and mulch, they also sell nitrogen-enriched topsoil, stones, grass mats, plants and railroad ties.

They also take up smaller landscaping contracts, provided you are located in Scotch Plains.

Their ties sell for a hiked price since they procure and buy ties from another used tie seller.

They go for $30 per tie, depending on the available stock and the quality of available stock.

This place is perfect for gardening heavy landscaping plans, focusing on molding plant life into a beautiful landscaping experience.

You can contact them using their website and enquire about shipping rates and more


#2 Alborn Supply

Landscaping materials and primarily landscaping contractor based in Toms River, NJ. They sell excavation solutions, weeding solutions, and rock and retainer wall construction contracts. Still, their location also doubles as a nursery and seller of landscaping materials such as topsoil, mulch, chipped stone, river stones, and, of course, railroad ties. Note that these are not treated and hence ecologically safe. They usually go for $18 to $35 for a single tie, depending on what cut of wood it is. Another peculiar fact about Alborn Supply is that they are one of the only sellers of Palm fronds, palm tree saplings, Sago, and other exotic trees in New Jersey, which would make this place worthy of a visit even if you are not interested in landscaping.

You can contact them using https://albornsupply.com/.

#3 Wicki Stone

This landscaping and quarried stone seller is based in Great Meadows, NJ, serves areas such as Saddle River and Poughkeepsie, and even has clients in New York. They sell all kinds of quarried stone, chipped stone, granite, slate, and wood-based retainers. They sell used railroad ties for $18 per piece, with no grade differentiation. They ship truckloads for bulk orders, with a flat fee of $200 for shipping anywhere in New Jersey or New York.

You can contact them using their website https://wickistone.com/

buy railroad ties in new mexico

Railroad Ties For Sale in New Mexico

#1 Pete’s Landscaping Supplies

This local landscaping materials store based in Albuquerque, NM, is a one-stop location for all your landscaping needs. They sell rocks, topsoil, mulch, fertilizers, railroad ties, and wooden landscaping materials. They are very friendly and ship for free if you are located near their store more often than not. They sell ties for $20 to around $35 a piece and will help you with loading if you reach their location on your own. They will give you a discount of $20 if your total purchase value exceeds $200, which is welcome. They also provide contractor services for landscaping and will provide even extensive discounts on the prices of the materials if availed. One extra facility they have is that they sell scrap wood as firewood for barbecues and other purposes.

You can contact them using their website https://www.peteslandscaping.com/.

#2 Southwest Landscaping Materials, LLC

This is a landscaping materials seller based in Santa Fe, NM. Along with railroad ties, retaining walls, sidewalks, pavement, and other kinds of rocks, they also sell mulch, fertilizers, and other gardening equipment. Shipping prices depend on the delivery distance and are less for bulk orders. Their website has minimal information on stones, topsoil, and mulch prices, but ties are priced at $20 to $35 and are reclaimed from nearby railroad tracks. 

You can contact them using their website, which is https://www.southwestlandscapingmaterials.com/.

#3 Buildology Inc

This is a construction and landscaping contractor, along with a seller of landscaping materials and other construction and home improvement goods based in Albuquerque, NM, and serves the entirety of the North Valley region. They are an innovative landscaping contractor specializing in gravel-based gardens, as New Mexico’s arid climate does not support lavish grass matted lawns and gardens. They sell ties, retainer walls, concrete ties, and their wooden used railroad ties sell for $23 for a single tie. Shipping prices may vary.

You can contact them using http://buildologyinc.com/.

buy railroad ties new york

Railroad Ties For Sale in New York

#1 Forest Building Supply

This is a bulk supplier of building supplies and materials, especially wood-based construction materials, based in Ridgewood, NY, and serves the Queens and Bronx boroughs.

They sell different cuts of timber, wood, poles, walling, veneers, and ties. Note that these ties are not procured and reclaimed from old railroads but are freshly cut from a lumberyard for your usage in the garden for landscaping. These usually go for $38 for a single tie, and shipping is extra. Shipping prices vary depending on the delivery location. They support both do-it-yourself approaches and will ship only materials to you. They also welcome it if you want their expertise in landscaping as they take up contractor jobs and provide discounts on materials for the same.

You can contact them using their website, which is https://www.forestbuildingsupply.com/.

#2 Dan Como and Sons, Inc

A subsidiary of The Mulch Depot, a family-owned landscaping materials shop based in Towaco, NJ, but serves all of New York, as it has a fleet of delivery agents and vehicles, with extremely reasonable shipping rates and discounts on online purchases. They sell the usually bagged mulch, topsoil, fertilizers, natural manure, and other specialties such as clay pot soil, granite, and slate. They also sell railroad ties sometimes when they have a stock of them, ranging from $25 to $35 per tie. These ties are sourced from other primary sources of railroad ties, hence the slight price hike.

You can contact them using their website https://www.themulchdepot.com/.

#3 Home Depot

There are several locations of Home Depot in New York, in Bloomberg, near the Flatiron Building, and several other more important such locations. These are some of the most well-stocked locations in the US. The ties are priced at the usual big-box retailer price of $40$ to $65 per tie, making it an expensive option, but they also provide free shipping if they have a store location near you.

You can find the store closest to you using https://www.homedepot.com/.

buy railroad ties in north carolina

Railroad Ties For Sale in North Carolina

#1 Lanier Material Sales

This is a local chain of landscaping materials stores located in Charlotte, Mint Hill, and Mt. Holly, NC, specializing in tree plantation and grass matting. They also sell bagged mulch, standard granite variants, chipped stone, river stones, mud, and varieties of wooden retainers, concrete ties, and railroad ties. A usual concrete tie sells for $65 per piece, and these ties are always in stock. Availability of railroad ties depends, as they acquire it through another seller of used railroad ties. Wooden ties sell for $20 to $35, based on the grade they are placed in. They have a subsidiary location in Pineville, NC, and you can pick up your order from any one of the four locations mentioned above since they do not have an option of shipping.

You can contact them for further details using their website, which is https://www.laniermaterialsales.com/.

#2 Asheboro Tie Yard

This is a dedicated seller of railroad ties sourced from several sources, namely railroads in need of repair and lumberyards that produce railroad ties for landscaping purposes. They sell ties at extremely discounted rates but do not provide shipping services. Their ties usually go for $12 to $25 per tie, making it economical to purchase in bulk or smaller quantities. They will help with loading the ties onto your vehicle for free, but they do not provide any shipping services as of yet. They are based in Bear Creek, NC, and have auctions yearly when they have larger stocks or piles of scrap if you are interested in upcycling for your landscaping project.

They do not have a website as they open seasonally, but you can contact them regarding the schedule of their sale using this number +1 919-837-2822

#3 Hillside Landscape Supplies

It is a family-owned business based in Fayetteville, NC. They sell every possible landscaping solution and material, including bagged mulch, topsoil, and railroad ties. Ties usually sell for $30 per tie, which look to be extremely high-quality ties.

You can contact them for shipping details using their website, which is https://www.hillsidelandscapesupplies.com/.

buy railroad ties in north dakota

Railroad Ties For Sale in North Dakota

#1 Rocks and Blocks Landscaping

This quarried rock, landscaping materials, and construction materials seller based in Bismarck, ND, is one of the most economical services in the entire state for landscaping, especially in Bismarck. It has been in business for 20+ years, meaning that they are experienced and professional. Apart from landscaping contracts, they also provide mulch, rocks of all varieties, slate, granite, chipped variants, wooden barricades, retainer walls, and railroad ties. Their ties sell from anywhere between $18 to $35 per tie, which is a reasonable price for their premium quality ties, as these are not used railroad ties and will last for a long time. They ship anywhere in Bismarck for bigger orders only.

You can contact them for further details using https://www.rocksandblocks.com/.

#2 SiteOne Landscape Supply

This underrated landscape supplies and home improvement supplies chain with locations all over the US has an important and fairly large store in Fargo, ND, around Menard’s and Lowe’s. Still, it provides much better rates and shipping prices than them, making it the best choice if you’re living in Fargo or anywhere in Clay County.

They also sell all sorts of tools, tractors, bagged mulch, fertilizers, wooden boards, fencing, and railroad ties. These ties are locally sourced from either lumber yards or tie yards, which do not sell to the public but prefer to sell directly to SiteOne. They ship pretty far away, and anywhere in North Dakota is a possible shipping delivery location, but prices start only from truckloads. A truckload of ties costs $900, which is a very reasonable price. They sell individual ties at their store for $18 a piece.

You can contact them using https://www.siteone.com/.

#3 Menards

Menards, the trusted chain of landscaping supplies and home improvement materials stores, has several locations in North Dakota, namely in Minot, Bismarck, West Fargo, Jamestown, and Williston, ND. Their ties sell for the usual retail price of $30 per tie, and you are allowed to sort ties by hand. The staff helps with loading, and shipping is limited but available.

You can find the store closest to you using https://www.menards.com/.

buy railroad ties in ohio

Railroad Ties For Sale in Ohio

#1 Cardinal Tie & Supply LLC

This hardscaping and landscaping materials seller and the contractor are based in Akron, OH. They specialize in hardscaping, which means they make walkways and pathways within gardens with stones and various building materials. Cheaper variants include concrete and slate. They sell the usual variety of topsoil, mulch, and other landscaping goods. Still, they have a special section for wood-based landscaping materials, including poles, fences, and railroad ties. These are used railroad ties sourced organically from old railroad tracks, come with natural weathering, and have undergone creosote treatment. A tie sells from anywhere around $20 to $40 depending on the weathering and degradation it has faced.

You can contact them for shipping details, as they ship only within Akron, and the charges are at their website, https://cardinaltie.com/.

#2 American Railroad Tie-Stone Co

This specialist boutique store for landscaping materials specializes only in different varieties of stone and different grades and types of railroad ties based in Chesterton, OH. They are a yard sale kind of business and sell at extremely discounted rates, as most of their goods are scavenged or salvaged from different locations by a team of expert urban scavengers. They sell river rocks, quarried rocks, granite chips from nearby mines, and railroad ties and pilings. Their tiles usually sell between $20 to $30 per tie, and they help you with loading the ties onto your vehicle as well.

They do not provide a shipping service yet, but you can contact them for any further queries and details at http://americanrrtie.com/.

#3 Tom’s Mulch and Landscaping

This is a gardening help and supplies store based in Bellbrook, OH, and serves the entirety of Dayton county and the area. They take up garden renovation contracts and sell mulch, topsoil, chipped rock, grass mats, fencing, and railroad ties. Their ties sell for $24 for a single tie, and shipping prices are additional and variable depending on the delivery location.

You can contact them for further information at http://tomsmulch.com/.

buy railroad ties in oklahoma

Railroad Ties For Sale in Oklahoma

#1 Minick Materials

Landscaping supplies and construction materials seller based in Oklahoma City, OK, is a 20-year-old family business with lots of experience with landscaping projects. They have subsidiary locations in Edmond and Norman, OK. They specialize in rocks and other oddities for gardening and landscaping and even take up large commercial projects instead of just residential contractor services. They sell flagship rocks, river rocks, granite, chipped limestone and wooden walls, fencing, poles, and railroad ties. They make very beautiful staircases using railroad ties. Their ties sell for $20 to $35 per tie, but they prefer to sell in bulk, and shipping is possible only for larger orders.

You can contact them for further details, especially if you want a rock walkway or driveway, using their website, which is https://www.minickmaterials.com/.

#2 Buckley’s Sticks and Stones, Inc

Landscaping supplies and stone suppliers are based in Oklahoma City, OK, and Stillwater. They have been selling landscaping materials, especially railroad ties, to residents of Oklahoma for the last 15 years. They specialize in shipping larger orders, but their store locations provide an avenue for normal retail shopping. They have a good collection of stones and are a major supplier of stones for driveways and other gardening supplies. They are partnered with a lumber mill for their wooden supplies. Their ties are not reclaimed and fresh, usually sold for a price of $30 per tie or upwards, depending on stock and demand. 

You can contact them for shipping details and quotes for bulk orders at http://www.buckleystone.com/.

#3 Lifetime Fence Co.

A fencing supplies store also has a collection of landscaping materials and tools based in Edmond, OK. They sell sheet fencing, picket, wooden poles, railroad fencing, and ties for landscaping usage. These ties usually sell from around $18 to $45 per tie, depending on the grade of quality of the tie.

You can contact them for further details at https://www.oklahomafences.com/.

buy railroad ties in oregon

Railroad Ties For Sale in Oregon

#1 Best Buy in Town

This landscaping supplies store is based in Hillsboro, OR. This shipping-focused materials supplier serves almost all of Oregon and provides almost anything you can need for landscaping purposes. They have a good collection of rocks, river stones, quarried rocks, limestone, granite, slate, and a good variety of wooden materials such as fencing, railroad ties, boards, bark, and chips. Their prices are reasonable, as ties range from $15 to $25, and you are free to hand-sort and choose your ties. After COVID, they have given an impetus to online orders and deliveries and have bolstered their shipping services, now with a fleet of delivery trucks.

You can contact them for shipping prices and more using https://www.bestbuyintown.biz/.

#2 Ontario Rock and Landscape Supplies

Landscaping materials and rock suppliers based in Ontario, OR, are not confused with Ontario in Canada. They have an excellent selection of rocks, quarried rocks, slate, limestone, and chipped rock and also sell mulch, wooden bark, poles, fences, and of course, railroad ties. These ties are sourced and procured from secondary sources. Hence, it might sometimes be from actual railroads or freshly cut from a lumber mill. Depending on your usage, you can ask them for their stock source and get discounts. Their ties sell for $20 to $45 per tie, depending on availability.

You can contact them using their website for shipping details, as they ship only within Ontario.


#3 Allwood Recyclers Inc

This is a refurbished railroad tie seller, and wood materials seller focusing on sustainability and zero construction waste. Based in Fairview, OR, they sell wooden poles, fencing, chips, blocks, and other landscaping materials, along with their primary revenue source, railroad ties. They are directly involved in railroad rehabilitation projects, making their prices extremely affordable. Their ties usually sell for $15 per piece, and you are free to hand-sort and choose them.

Shipping may be possible within Fairview, but no information is provided.

You can contact them using https://www.allwoodrecyclersinc.com/.

buy railroad ties in pennsylvania

Railroad Ties for Sale in Pennsylvania

#1 Nolt’s Mulch Products

Nolt’s is a family-based landscaping supply and gardening tools and supplements store based in Gettysburg, PA. They sell a wide variety of wooden products for retainer walls, chutes, pots, pot supports, accents, and other uses, mostly selling used railroad ties. Still, sometimes they have a stock of fresher wooden ties specially made for landscaping purposes. Their ties go for $25 a piece and $800 for a truckload deliverable only in Gettysburg.

You can contact them for further details on shipping using their website, which is https://noltsmulch.com/.

#2 A.H Reiff Landscape Supply Co.

This is one of the leading suppliers of landscaping supplies to a lot of big-box retailers of home improvement supplies, not only in Pennsylvania but also in many other states. Based in Carlisle, PA, this wholesale seller of landscaping supplies includes but is not limited to bagged mulch, granite, chipped stone, topsoil, fertilizers, and of course, wood chippings and railroad ties. Their ties usually sell for around $18 to $35 per tie, depending on the quality of the tie.

They take up landscaping contracts and provide contractors discounts on the prices of materials. You can get a free quote from them regarding your projects. Still, they also support the do it yourself pathway and deliver and ship to anywhere in Pennsylvania, provided the shipping rates may vary depending on the delivery location’s proximity to their nearest warehouse.

You can use the price calculator on their website to design your projects and contact them for further details https://www.ahreiff.com/.

#3 Rick’s Railroad Ties

This family-operated and veteran-owned business focused solely on selling railroad ties based in Pittsburgh, PA. They are the few stores that operate strictly on railroad ties and hence have the best prices and stock. Their ties auction for as low as $8 to up to $30, depending on quality. Deliveries are not made, but you can always discuss the same with the shopkeepers. They will help you in loading the ties.

You can contact them using https://www.a-advantagetruck.com/.

buy railroad ties in rhode island

Railroad Ties For Sale in Rhode Island

#1 Watson’s Mulch & Loam Inc.

This local chain of landscaping materials stores and home improvement goods sellers has an important location in East Greenwich, RI. It has the usual menagerie of landscaping supplies, including but not limited to bagged mulch, loamy topsoil, topsoil, grit, chipped granite, sand, plants, fertilizers, and manure. They also sell decorative items, including railroad ties and wooden barriers. Their ties sell for the average price of $25 per tie, and shipping is possible for nearby locations but must be confirmed in advance. It is easier for bigger orders to be shipped.

You can contact them for further details using https://www.watsonmulch.com/.

#2 Earth Products Inc.

This company might seem like a fairly new company because of its professionalism and reach, but they’ve been in the business for 30 years. Based in Warwick, RI, they do deliveries all over Rhode Island and are one of the largest suppliers of landscaping materials and construction goods for outdoors in Rhode Island. They also sell plants and a widely diversified collection of the same bagged mulch, topsoil, nutrient supplies such as vermiculite, and decorations along the lines of concrete barriers and railroad ties for retainer walls. Railroad ties sell for usually $30 per tie, and these are fresh and premium railroad ties from lumber yards directly for sale. 

You can contact them for shipping details and prices of other goods directly at their website, https://www.earthproductsri.com/.

#3 Vineyard Road Landscape & Gardening Supplies

This local supply store also sells household supplies such as fuel and firewood. It is based in Warwick, RI. They sell the usual loam, mulch, bagged topsoil, grass mats, chipped stone, river rocks, and boulders. They also sell logs, picket fencing, new ties, and reclaimed used railroad ties. Their fresh ties sell for $35 a piece, and used ties usually sell for $15 to $20, depending on how badly it is degraded.

Shipping is possible only within Warwick. Contact them using their website for details https://www.vineyardroadlandscapesupply.com/.

buy railroad ties new and used in south carolina

Railroad Ties For Sale in South Carolina

#1 Carolina Turfgrass & Landscape Supply

Carolina Turfgrass & Landscape Supply is based in Lexington, SC, and sells all sorts of landscaping and gardening materials and specializes in installing and maintaining artificial turf grasses. They have pine trees, yard decor, mulch, topsoil, granite, concrete ties, and railroad ties. These are used ties but higher quality and go for up to $26 per tie. Carolina Turf Grass & Landscape specializes in pest control, pesticide wholesale, and insecticide application drives. They would also be willing to take up your landscaping project, provided it is located within Lexington.

You can contact them for further details using https://lexingtonlandscapesupply.com/.

#2 Landscapers Supply

This chain of family-owned landscaping supplies and home improvement materials sellers is based in South Carolina. It has locations all over, with major locations being Piedmont, Simpsonville, Greenville, Easle, and Greer, SC. It has the most extensive landscaping supplies, such as 10 varieties of mulch, topsoil, nutrient mixtures, granite, and the widest variety of rocks, wooden ties, poles, concrete retainer walls, and used railroad ties as well.

Their ties sell for $28 per tie, and used ties during sales may go for as low as $18 per tie, so be on the lookout as sales can be availed only during in-store shopping. Shipping is possible all over South Carolina, except for a few places, which can be validated by calling them to confirm the delivery. Shipping rates are variable and depend on the distance of the delivery location from the nearest store location.

You can find the store closest to you and contact them for shipping availability using their website, which is https://landscapers-supply.com/.

#3 Lowe’s 

This national franchise of home improvement and construction materials supermarkets has several locations all over South Carolina and is a viable option due to the ease of shipping it provides. It has locations in Lexington and West Columbia, SC. Severely degraded ties with aesthetic value are sold for $35 per tie and shipped to anywhere in South Carolina, with variable shipping charges.

You can find the store closest to you using https://www.lowes.com/.

buy new and used railroad ties in south dakota

Railroad Ties For Sale in South Dakota

#1 Heartland Tanks and Supply

This is a rubber material, tank seller, and landscape supplies multipurpose shop based in Sioux Falls, SD, and Mitchell, SD. They specialize in plumbing-related and irrigation projects over larger areas, but they have also authorized sellers for many brands of landscaping supplies. They sell pots, earthen retainer walls, wooden materials like poles, fencing, railroad ties, and blocks. They also have a big collection of rocks and a big catalog of plastic water tanks.

Their ties sell for $29 per tie during the dry season and $20 per tie when tie supplies peak.

Shipping may be possible within South Dakota, but you must confirm the same in advance.

You can contact them for further details using http://www.heartlandtanks.com/.

#2 Dakota Hardscape Supply

 A landscape and hardscaping supplies company based in Sioux Falls, SD, supplies most of South Dakota with its fleet of shipping vessels. They sell sod, pavement, topsoil, mulch, cornerstones, fountains, limestone, concrete, and wooden options. They have railroad ties in stock some times of the year, and the availability may be confirmed in advance using their website. The ties they sell are high quality and usually sell for $30 per tie, and you are allowed to handpick from the store while shopping. Shipping is possible within South Dakota, and the cost varies depending on the distance of the delivery location.

You can contact them for further details and shipping rates at https://www.dakotahardscapesupply.com/.

#3 Frontier Stone Co.

This extremely bright, young landscaping supplies store is based in Black Hawk, SD, and is already a leader in its area in construction supplies. It sells sod, mulch, topsoil, manure, calcium supplements, plants, concrete, and wooden construction supplies. Their railroad ties sell for $40 per tie, but these are freshly cut ties from the lumber yard and treated with creosote. 

You can contact them for further details, but since shipping is not possible, you can confirm stock availability at https://www.frontierstonecompany.com/.

buy railroad ties in tennessee

Railroad Ties For Sale in Tennessee

#1 Bob’s Tie Yard

A landscaping and hardscaping materials provider based out of Memphis, TN. They have railroad tie sales at phenomenal rates and sell stones, mulch, and other accessories by weight. Their low dirt prices are possible because of their verified and carefully curated sources and the zeal for only the best for the customer. With 30 years of experience in landscaping under their belt, this family-owned business is the perfect choice for railroad ties. Their ties range from $15 to $30 per tie, depending on the supply and demand for that grade of ties. They do deliveries all over Memphis, and you will need to contact them for further details regarding the same and any surcharges for delivery as possible.

Contact them using their website, which says they prefer you to call them directly for a quote


#2 The Gravel Company

A professional landscaping contractor and materials provider based in Gallatin, TN, with another retail location in Murfreesboro, TN. They sell the usual topsoil, mulch, potting material, nursery pickings, trees, and construction-related materials such as wood, concrete barriers, and railroad ties. They will provide discounts if you give them the contract for the landscaping, but they also accommodate the do-it-yourself approach. They sell railroad ties for $24 per tie, but the same may vary depending on stock. These are very professional and will make deliveries near Gallatin, TN, and Murfreesboro, TN. 

You can contact them for details on deliveries and more at https://thegravelcompany.com/.

#3 Straight Line Fence, LLC

A fencing company based in Clarksville, TN, with locations almost all over Tennessee, especially Montgomery County, TN, and Fort Campbell, TN. They provide extensive fencing services with plastic, vinyl, wood, railroad ties, and aluminum options. They sell tools as well and also sell railroad ties by the piece for $18 per tie. They have a dedicated landscaping center as well. Deliveries must be confirmed by call.

You can contact them using https://www.straightlinefence.net/.

buy used railroad ties in texas

Railroad Ties For Sale in Texas

#1 Menards Railway Materials

This is a dedicated railroad tie, track, railbox, cars, and locomotive engineering services company in Houston, TX. They have a wide variety of railroad-related materials they sell. They have also been actively involved in replacing old creosote-treated ties that are harmful to the environment. They treat and neutralize the toxicity of these old ties and repurpose them as landscaping material for the discounted prices of $18 to $30 per tie. They sell crossties, switch ties, relay ties that are new, composite ties, concrete ties, and even plastic ties used in some railroads across the country. They ship within Houston, but only truckloads or the full back of a semi. 

You can contact them for variable shipping rates and clear any other doubts you might have using their website http://www.menardsrail.com/.

#2 A&K Railroad Materials

The largest seller of railroad ties in the United States and one of the biggest importers of ties and wooden refuse from railroads has a location in Texas and delivers all over Texas. The warehouse is located in Eagle Lake, TX, and its fleet of delivery trucks can access all of Texas for extremely reasonable shipping rates. They sell ties in three gradings, which range from the price point of $25 per tie up to $40-$50 per tie. They always have a huge stock and also sell in bulk. Their policy for shipping rates is that a half-empty truck and a full truck cost the same for delivery, so it is beneficial to place a larger order.

You can contact them and find the location of their nearest office using their website http://www.akrailroad.com/.

#3 Cheaper Than Dirt Landscaping

A landscaping supply store based in Waco, TX, with another location in Belton, TX. They have an outstanding stock of mulch, topsoil, rocks, and wooden materials like fencing and railroad ties. Their ties sell for $30 each, and shipping is extra. They also take up landscaping contracts, so if you are interested, they can accommodate. 

You can contact them for further details using their website https://www.cheaperthandirtlandscapesupply.com/.

buy railroad ties in utah

Railroad Ties For Sale in Utah

#1 SRC Industries

Railroad ties reseller and repair tools seller in Salt Lake City, UT. They sell steel ties, concrete ties, railroad repair tools, and other technical equipment. Still, for our purposes, they are also involved in the sale of used railroad ties, at extremely discounted prices, to either the public or to landscaping stores. They deal with only bulk orders, and hence if you have a smaller project, this is not the way to go. Their shipping is not available to sell used wooden ties but is possible only for steel ties and other products. They sell used ties because they are often employed in railroad rehabilitation projects and have excess ties. Ties can sell for $15 per tie, but note that these are not structurally sound railroad ties. They are extremely degraded.

You can contact them using their website, which is https://srcind.com/.

#2 Nevada Railroad Materials and Services

This is a dedicated railroad tie seller and refurbisher based in Ogden, UT, and serves the entirety of Utah and Nevada. They are professional railroad tie reclaimers and buy stretches of old railroads to extract used railroad ties for other purposes. They are also involved in treating these ties with creosote or naphthalate and sell these refurbished ties at good prices. Their ties sell for $33 per tie and $120 for a pallet of 6. These are sturdy and resilient ties that can be used to make sheds.

You can contact them for further details regarding shipping and more at https://nevadarail.com/.

#3 Old Mill Landscape Supply

Landscaping materials and landscape contractors based in Spanish Fork, UT, serve and deliver within Santaquin, Provo, and Elk Ridge. The premium sellers of topsoil, mulch, colored mulch, fertilizers, and rocks and stones in Utah Valley. They also sell railroad ties, fences, pots, and concrete retainer walls. Their ties sell for $25 per tie but may vary depending on stock.

You can contact them for further details using https://oldmilllandscape.com/.

buy railroad ties in vermont

Railroad Ties for Sale in Vermont

#1 Progress Rail

This is a subsidiary of Caterpillar’s international tractor and construction equipment manufacturer and has an office in St Albans City, VT. This company sells railroad equipment, technical tools, devices, locomotives, engineering services, and steel railroad ties. Now, these might not be suited to landscaping as steel and iron objects corrode when exposed to nature for a very long time. They sell concrete ties for $50 per tie, which is a bargain as opposed to expensive wooden railroad ties for almost the same price. Concrete ties have a unique aesthetic and will be well suited to act as barriers or for retainer walls. Shipping is possible for bulk orders only as this is an industrial supplies provider, but you can still confirm the same from their St. Albans City office.

You can find their contact and the location closest to you using their website, which is https://www.progressrail.com/.

#2 F.A.S Trucking and Landscaping Co.

This handyman, landscaping, home improvement, and excavation contractor are all rolled into one, based in East Wallingford, VT. They sell landscaping materials such as topsoil, bagged mulch, rocks, etc. They also sell everything related to repairing engines, truck accessories, fencing, and home improvement tools. This is a home improvement chain store but with better variety at more affordable costs. Their railroad ties sell for $25 per piece, and fencing is much cheaper. 

You can contact them for further details regarding shipping and more using this website or their listed number, which are https://fastruckingandlandscaping.com/ and + 1 802-558-2950, respectively.

#3 Gardener’s Supply Company

This nationwide chain of gardening-specific stores also dabbles in landscaping as it is an integral part of gardening and is based in Williston, VT. They have a huge store with topsoil, lots of plants, and other goodies, including railroad ties for the low price of $23 per tie.

You can discuss shipping and more and find the store closest to you using https://www.gardeners.com/.

buy new and used railroad ties in virginia

Railroad Ties For Sale in Virginia

#1 RJ Corman Material Sales

This is a material and refuses reclamation, resale, and reuse company based in Glasgow, VA. They are involved in purchasing and selling scraps from the railroad industries, airplanes, and many other things. They sell metallic walls, aluminum sheeting, and all types of railroad ties, including plastic, wood, steel, and concrete. These are sold at scrap value rates, but the quality of materials sold by them is top-notch, as they are experienced Scouters of scrap and very talented and refurbishing jobs. Their ties usually sell for $20 for wooden and $50 for concrete ties, and hence are available at very attractive rates. Shipping is not possible, but they will help load the ties up when you reach their Glasgow warehouse.

You can contact them for further details and shipping rates using https://www.rjcorman.com/.

#2 Stella Jones Co.

This nationwide supplier of wooden construction products, pressure-treated wood, and lumber products has locations all over the United States. Still, it rarely has a warehouse and office in the same region. Luckily, the people of Goshen, VA, and residents near Maury River don’t have to worry about pressure-treated construction materials, freshly pressed railroad ties, and much more. Their ties are extremely high quality and fresh from treatment, suitable for construction purposes and many other projects. Their ties sell for $45 per piece, and higher grades may have even higher prices, depending on the quality.

You can contact them for details regarding shipping, rates, availability, and more doubts you may have at https://www.stella-jones.com/.

#3 JMJ The Landscape Supply Center

This is an extremely old family-owned business specializing in landscaping with 30 plus years of experience behind its back. Based in Lynchburg, VA, it serves a very large swathe of central Virginia and sells ties at cheap rates such as $18 per piece. They also sell the usual mulch, topsoil, and more.

You can contact them for details regarding shipping and more at http://jmjcompanies.com/.

buy railroad ties in washington

Railroad Ties For Sale in Washington

#1 River Road Landscape Supply

This landscaping and hardscaping materials seller is based in Puyallup, WA, and serves the nearby county. They sell bagged mulch, topsoil, potted plants, nursery work, bricks, chipped bricks, clay bricks, compost, manure, and other construction materials such as fencing, poling, and much more like bark and chipped wood. Their ties are priced at a discount due to primary sources and business acumen, and they sell their ties for a measly $18 at the cheapest in the state and comparable with the best. They support bulk orders and contracts and facilitate a do-it-yourself approach to landscaping and selling in smaller batches.

You can contact them for details regarding shipping and much more at https://www.riverroadlandscapesupply.com/.

#2 Joe’s Landscaping Supplies

This family-based business out of Woodinville, WA, with several smaller locations in Washington, is a landscaping and hardscaping supplies business with the most experienced and professional service in their region. If you don’t call them and instead fill out their quote form on their website, you stand to win a $5 to $20 bonus discount on your order. They sell ties at affordable rates, but they specialize in potted plants, mulch, and plant-related goods. Their ties can be picked up from their Woodinville location, which they prefer, but deliveries are possible for multiple orders. Their ties sell for $30 per tie, and with all their discounts might come down to as low as $13 per tie.

You can contact them and use their quote form on their website, which is https://877joebark.com/.

#3 Kitsap Lumber and Hardware

Tools and lumber specialist based in Bremerton, WA. They sell wooden construction materials and home improvement power tools. They sell four-by-four fencing and railroad ties. Their ties usually sell for $25 per tie and $150 for a pallet of 6. 

You can contact them for further details as no extra information is provided on their website using their Facebook, which is linked on their website https://www.kitsaplumber.com/.

buy railroad ties in west virginia

Railroad Ties For Sale in West Virginia

#1 Appalachian Timber Services

This timber and wooden construction materials seller is based in Sutton, VW. They sell bulk treated wooden construction materials such as plates, fencing, poling, wooden walls, and railroad ties which are pressure and borate treated. They are connected to most of the lumber mills locally available and thus support the local economy with high-quality forestry products and treated wood selection. Their ties are affordable at a rate of $23 per tie, and these are freshly produced and treated ties, and hence are suitable for construction purposes, such as building a small tool shed in your landscaping project. Shipping is possible in Sutton and nearby regions, as it falls on a highway. Shipping rates may vary depending on the delivery distance and other factors. ATS is involved with producing railroad ties for direct railway application, and hence these are sturdy products.

You can contact them for more details at http://www.atstimber.com/.

#2 Acme Wood Preserving, Inc

Acme Wood Preserving Inc is a wood treatment specialist based in Princeton, WV. Located in a well-connected area with a good fleet of delivery vehicles, Acme Wood Preserving is responsible for pressure-treating wood construction materials for many West Virginia. These are professionals and extremely talented at treating wood and increasing its durability. They often sell wooden construction materials at their Princeton location. Hence, they sell railroad ties for an extremely discounted price of $18 per tie without special treatment and $35 for anti-terite and anti-mold treated wooden ties.

You can contact them for further details regarding shipping anywhere in West Virginia at https://www.acmewoodpreserving.com/.

#3 Lowe’s Home Improvement

This chain of home improvement stores has an important location in Cross Lanes, WV. Ties sell for $40 to $55 per tie, and these are treated and durable ties. Shipping might be possible but must be confirmed.

You can contact them and find the store that is closest to you using their website, which is https://www.lowes.com/.

buy railroad ties in wisconsin

Railroad Ties For Sale in Wisconsin

#1 Stella-Jones

This nationwide seller of pressure-treated wooden construction materials is involved in repairing houses in hurricane-afflicted regions, and it also has an office in Rockland, WI. You can always get freshly treated, pressed, flat load, and high-quality wooden plates, boards, ties, and fencing from their locations and warehouses in Wisconsin. You can buy ties for a reasonable price of $30 per tie, and they help in loading the ties to your vehicle for small orders. Deliveries and shipping are only possible for large industrial size bulk orders or deliveries of materials for building a house. 

You can contact them for further details using their website and find the location closest to you


#2 Bliffert Lumber and Hardware

This family-owned lumber mill and now, more recently, a home improvement store and construction materials supplier based in Oostburg, WI. They have 100 years of experience in the lumber industry, which is a testament to show that they are extremely professional in their service, with shipping options available for extremely distant customers. They sell pressure-treated wooden materials, plates, false ceilings, and other wooden facades. Their ties sell for a reasonable price of $25 per tie to up to $40 per tie, depending on the quality grade assigned to the particular tie. You can handpick ties from their store when you visit it for in-store shopping, and they help with loading the ties onto your vehicle. Shipping rates are discussed in truckloads only, but discounts are provided if contracts are given to the shop for projects. 

You can contact them for further details using https://www.bliffertlumber.com/.

#3 Menards

This chain of home improvement goods and tools stores has several locations in Wisconsin, some of them being Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Madison, WI. Their ties sell for $40 per piece, and shipping is not possible in Wisconsin.

You can contact them for further details using their website and find the store closest to you


buy railroad ties in wyoming

Railroad Ties For Sale in Wyoming

#1 Bloedorn Lumber Company

This large nationwide supplier of lumber has several locations throughout the States, but it has a very important location in Wyoming, specifically at Laramie, WY, and Powell, WY. This company has been in business for the better part of a century, with a deep-rooted tradition in Wyoming regarding wood quality and house construction materials. They sell treated wooden walls, poles, scaffolds, and much more, and ties and wooden materials for outdoor projects like landscaping. Their ties usually sell for no more than $30 per tie, but the price may vary upon stock at that particular franchise location. Shipping is possible in and around Laramie and anywhere around Powell or major cities of Wyoming.

You can contact them for further details regarding shipping and more using their website, which is https://bloedornlumber.com/.

#2 71 Soil and Stone

A landscaping outlet of the local construction company, 71 Construction Company, this outreach office is based in Casper, WY. They sell the usual landscaping materials and emphasize construction and contractor-based materials delivery. They are experts at taking up landscaping contracts and other contracts such as plumbing or house construction. They sell wooden ties for the usual price of $25 per tie, and they also sell a pallet of 6 ties for $140. They are also suppliers of mulch, rock and chipped granite, topsoil, and fertilizers. 

You can contact them for further details regarding shipping and more using their website, which is https://www.71soilandstone.com/.

#3 Murdoch’s Ranch And Home Supply

This gardening, lifestyle, home improvement, and farming supplies chain has several locations in rural Wyoming, with some important locations being Cheyenne, Powell, Riverton, Rock Springs, and Evanston, WY. They sell railroad ties for discounted rates as low as $18 per tie and ship only for bulk orders.

You can contact them for details and find the store closest to you using https://www.murdochs.com/.

Well that concludes our list of places to buy railroad ties, I hope you find what you are looking for!