Where To Buy Railroad Ties For Sale – 10 Best Places

Railroad ties are unique. They add character, depth, and warmth to a garden or landscaping project. So where to buy railroad ties, you ask?

You can buy railroad ties from Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, A&K Railroad Material, Rural King & Bridgewell Resources. You have many other great options, too; let’s dive in!

Let’s explore your options in further detail so you can make the most informed decision, select the right tie and get the best price!

Read on.

where to buy railroad ties home depot

1. Home Depot

Home Depot sells used railroad ties that are creosote treated. (remember to use gloves and protective clothing when handling railroad ties.

You will have to check online to make sure your local store has some in stock.

They have 2,300 stores across North America.

Entering in your postcode on their website will show the closest store that has railroad ties in stock and also the amount.

Railroad Tie Specifications & Details


7 in x 9 in x 8ft (96 in)


$29.98 each


Home Depot offers a flat fee of $79 for 1 -100 used railroad ties.

The store will set delivery time and date at the time of ordering.

You will need to contact them directly to change delivery times.

Pickup Options

You can opt for in-store pickup too; if the store has availability for this, there will be an option on the website.

Opening Hours

You can order online 24/7 or Home Depots are generally open Mon-Sat 6:00am -10:00pm & Sun: 7:00am – 8:00pm


Home Depot usually has railroad ties for sale. As we know, that can get hard to come by, especially in spring.

A great thing about Home Depot is that if there is no stock available in your local store, they will show you the next closest store and stock options.

Return Policy

Home Depot states that returns are available, but it is up to you to organize transport.

Further Important Details

Some further important information from Home Depot about their used railroad ties:

  • Used railroad ties weigh approximately 150-200 pounds.
  • Home Depot will not cut used railroad ties in-store.
  • Used railroad ties are not illegal to use or sell.
  • Used 16-in ties are not available, but new 16 ties are; check your local store.
  • Sizes may vary between each tie; please allow for a variance of +/- 1/2”.
  • Home Depot does have a helpful chat on its website to ask any questions.
  • 80% of customers recommend this product
  • Home Depot does not offer a military discount on building materials
  • Always use gloves and protective clothing when handling creosote treat ties.


Please contact Home Depot here to place an order.

Another great option is Lowe’s; let’s see what railroad tie options they have.

railroad ties for sale at lowes

2. Lowe’s

Lowes also has used railroad ties for sale which are another great option to consider.

Lowe’s has 2,197 stores across North America, so there is bound to be one near you!

Let’s check out their options.

Railroad Tie Specifications & Details


7 in x 9 in x 8.5ft (slightly longer than Home Depots)


$22.58 each BUT prices can be as low as $15 per tie!

Note: Lowes does not price match their own stores, only competitors’ stores!


Lowes offers delivery for all orders $50+ of railroad ties but states that you must allow 7-10 days for delivery.

They charge $79 for 1 – 100 railroad ties.

Pickup Options

Lowes offers in-store and kerbside pickup too. If the store has availability for this, there will be an option on the website at the time of ordering.

Opening Hours

You can order online 24/7 or Lowe’s Stores are generally open from Mon – Sat 6:00am -10:00pm & Sun: 8:00am – 8:00pm


Lowe’s normally has railroad ties for sale, but they do sell out.

Although they will direct you to the nearest store with availability, it’s best to purchase your railroad ties in advance.

Return Policy

Returns are possible but painful and take time, so better to choose in-store to be sure.

Please contact the company directly with any questions.

Further Important Details

  • 80% of customers recommend these railroad ties
  • Lowe’s used railroad ties are 0.5ft longer than Home Depot’s
  • Lowe’s used railroad ties are $22.58 or $7.40 cheaper per tie
  • For regular buyers, Lowe’s has a mobile app you can use too
  • You don’t have control of quality when ordering online, something to keep in mind.
  • Grades of ties can vary dramatically; best to pick in-store
  • Lowe’s offers a 10% military discount


You can check out Lowe’s website here.

Another great option is Menards; let’s check them out below.

menards railroad ties for sale

3. Menards

Although a lot smaller than Home Depot and Lowe’s, Menards still has 335 stores in about 15 states and is another great option to buy railroad ties.

Let’s check out what they offer.

Railroad Tie Specifications & Details


7 in x 9 in x 8 ft (same size as Home Depot)


$23.99 each ( $21.35 with Mail-In Rebate)


Menards does offer delivery, but it can get expensive, up to $200+ depending on size and location.

Delivery is calculated upon checkout.

Pickup Options

If the store has stock, there will be an option on the website at the time of ordering.

Opening Hours

You can order online 24/7 or Menards Stores are open Mon-Sat 6:00am – 9:00 pm & Sunday 7:00am – 8:00pm


Railroad tie availability can vary dramatically; make sure to call in advance.

Although they will direct you to the nearest store with availability, it’s best to purchase your railroad ties in advance.

Further Important Details

  • Menards no longer offer a military discount.
  • Unlike Home Depot & Lowe’s, Menards has no customer reviews on railroad ties
  • Delivery can be very expensive
  • Some stores may require a minimum order quantity
A&K railroad ties for sale

4. A&K Railroad Materials

A&K Railroad materials have been selling ties for over 60 years and are the largest seller of railroad ties in the U.S.

They pride themselves on having constant stock, unlike some other sellers

A&K specialize in railroad ties; let’s explore their options.

Railroad Tie Specifications & Details


7x 9 in, 7×8 in & 6×8 in (height/width) many lengths available, contact direct.


$6 – $40+ NB: They sell as single pieces or offer bundles of 25


They will deliver up to 50 railroad ties at one time and calculate delivery at the time of checkout.

You can get more delivered, but you will need to contact the closest store directly to confirm additional charges.

Also, they will deliver up to 100 miles from their location.

Pickup Options

Pickup is an option, and generally, if you order by 4 pm, you can pick up the next day.

Also staff will give you a hand to load your truck or trailer.

A full list of their yard locations can be found here

Opening Hours

8am – 4pm Monday – Friday


A&K railroads pride themselves on having constant stock; in fact they keep over 2 million ties over a selection of grades and lengths

Further Important Details

  • A&K Railroads grade their railroad ties, so you know what you are getting.
  • Their pricing can be more expensive, but again they sort their qualities by hand.
  • All ties delivered are bundled for delivery
  • They offer a cutting service too!


You can contact A&K here.

There is another option that is worth checking out too, let’s check out Rural King

rural king railroad ties for sale

5. Rural King

With over 130 stores in 30 states, Rural King is another worth exploring for railroad ties.

Their website reviews, although not as plentiful as some of the bigger stores, look great!

Let’s check out what they have

Railroad Tie Specifications & Details


7x 9 in x 8 ft




Contact Rural King directly

Pickup Options

Pickup is an option and can be selected at check out.

Opening Hours

8am – 4pm Monday – Friday


On selecting your closest store, their website will show the quantity available.

Further Important Details

  • Rural King is mainly located in the Eastern states.
  • Each store will have a different selection and potentially different grades
  • Their ties weigh 185 lbs


You can contact Rural King here.

railroad ties for sale at bridgeell resources

6. Bridgewell Resources

Ok, so these guys are serious. I have not ordered from them, nor have any of my mates. But I have been to two of their yards, and it’s impressive.

There is one “BUT.”

And it is big but they only sell in truckloads!

Furthermore, a truckload is typically 250 ties!

So, If you have a serious size job, it is worth calling them for a quote.


You can contact Bridgewell Resources here.

Where To Buy Railroad Ties – My Final Say

If you are buying online, you have no control over quality.

All major stores seem to have a mixture of good and bad ties.

Customer reviews show time and time again it is the luck of the draw what you get when you order online.

You are always better off hand-pick railroad ties in the shop.

Ok, so let’s compare your options so far.

Railroad Ties For Sale at Retail Store Summary Table

StoreDimensionsCreosote TreatedPriceQualityDeliveryPickup
1. Home Depot7 in x 9 in x 8ft (96 in)Yes$29.98Used/Mixed$79Yes
2. Lowe’s 7 in x 9 in x 8.5ft (102 in)Yes $15.00 – $22.58Used/Mixed$79Yes
3. Menards7 in x 9 in x 8ft (96 in)Yes$25.73 – $29.26Used/Mixed**poaYes
4. Rural King7 in x 9 in x 8ft (96 in)Yes$19.99Used/Graded**poaYEs
5. A&K Railroad*MultipleYes$6.00 – $40+Graded**poaYes
6. Bridgewell* MultipleYespoaGraded**poaYes
*Enquire direct to see dimensions in stock
** Price will be determined at checkout

Ok, so what about the other options of where to buy railroad ties?

Well, it is time to think a little bit out of the box.

buy railroad ties from facebook marketplace

7) Facebook Marketplace

Jump online, and check out Facebook Marketplace.

Often you will find great deals, leftovers, and potentially free railroad ties that people just want to be taken away!

I’ve succeeded, and I am not even that competent with Facebook!

Check out Facebook Marketplace here.

buy railroad ties from craigslist

8) Craigslist

Yep, they can be found here too.

Again, sometimes you will find a couple on offer. Otherwise, you can find heaps and be lucky!

It comes down to luck and timing, so always keep an eye out to see what is around your local area.

Often people will want excess ties removed, and you might get them for free!

You can check out Craigslist here.

offer up has railroad ties for sale

9) Offer Up

Ok, so if Craigslist had a competitor, this would be it.

Offer up is another marketplace, but you must download the app.

Again, it is not a give, but especially coming into Spring time, you will see railroad ties pop up here.

So, worth monitoring.

You can check out OfferUp here.

buy railroad ties for sale from your local lumber stores

10) Local Lumber or Landscaping Stores

So you still haven’t found what you were looking for or you’d like to compare prices.

Go local.

We’ve compiled a list of the best local railroad tie suppliers for you, state by state!

Please scroll down to your state below to see your local options to buy railroad ties.

But, before you get into the list, please check out the below video for some great railroad tie garden inspo!

Where to Buy Railroad Ties For Sale – The Final Word

I get it, railroad ties can be tricky to buy, and sometimes the quality is not up to scratch in the big stores.

That’s why I have gone through every state in the U.S and found an incredible selection of smaller stores too.

From garden centers to landscape suppliers, I have listed out the top 3 companies in each state.

Check out this list HERE.