Where To Buy Railroad Ties in 2022? Railroad Ties For Sale

So you after railroad ties? Or as they are also known railway ties. Well, you can buy railroad ties from major stores, online marketplaces & private sellers. I will help you find railroad ties for sale near you and teach you how to identify the right grading.

Remember people can sell them as railway ties as well as railroad ties, so try searching for both.

Let’s find you those railroad ties for sale, read on…

Railroad ties are always in high demand, they add character & style to any garden. But tracking them down in the right condition can be a challenge.

I get it, I have been there before, you need more than luck to get the right ties.

Let me show you where to buy railroad ties from.

Where To Buy Railroad Ties in 2022 – Railway Ties For Sale

A railroad tie is a rectangular piece of wood (or, in some instances, pre-stressed concrete, stone, or plastic). A railroad tie supports railroad rails. More details on specific types can be found here.

I will assume you are after a wooden railroad tie, I mean who would bother using a concrete tie in their garden.

Treated railroad ties, crossties, and sleepers are generally made of American hardwood, although some were made of pine when hardwood wasn’t available.

They are then treated with creosote protection to ensure a 30-year or longer lifespan. They’re also environmentally friendly. To stay maintained for a long time, like every outdoor wood product they must be preserved & creosote is essential.

Now depending on your needs, you must clarify if you want new or used and treated or untreated railroad ties. I have used both treated and untreated before.

The thing I look for most is nicely aged railroad ties, something with character. They will generally have been treated with creosote and potentially will smell of it a touch.

where to buy railroad tiles from
Used & Aged Railroad Ties Are Full Of Character

So Where To Buy Railroad Ties?

As mentioned, most of these used railroad ties for sale are treated with creosote. I have written an entire article about what railroad ties are made of and why they are treated with creosote HERE.

The whole “treated” thing adds some confusion. However, railroad ties are used commonly for landscaping purposes, garden beds, retaining walls, and more.

Creosote is typically what is used to treat wooden railroad ties. I will not get into that topic right now, but what I can do is quote from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

They state that “Reuse of creosote-treated wood is not subject to regulation by EPA under pesticide”. Please refer to the EPA website HERE for any questions you have about using railroad ties for your residential needs.

Moreover, I have written this article with the intent to make your life easier, by helping you find where to buy railroad ties from. I have researched major chain stores first as these are in most U.S cities.

Chances that you may have one of these stores in your area unless you’re from North Dakota (not too many Home Depots there).

Before you buy, make sure you know what grade you are after and investigate that grade. You will be able to read more about this at the end of the article.

Railway Ties For Sale – Grades & Sizes

On your journey to get your hand on railroad ties for sale be sure to enquire and get photos of the grading. There is no point jumping in the car to go and view some ties only to find out that they are not up to the standard you need.

I highly suggest you read my article on sizes and grading before you make a purchase, it will assist you in making a clear and informed choice of what you are after. Read it HERE.

Railroad Ties For Sale At Home Depot

Home Depot sells used railroad ties. You can order them online and have them delivered to your place. They measure 7 in x 9 in x 8 ft and they weigh about 150 lbs.

I am not sure if they have a limit on how many you can buy, please check out with them.
They offer a nice delivery option, which is a flat fee. I believe if less than $100 dollars, doesn’t matter how many railroad ties you’ll be buying. They sell them for $18.97 each.

Buy railroad ties from Home Depot.

Buy Railroad Ties For Sale At Lowes

Lowe’s is another great large chain store which chances are, will be close to you.

The railroad ties sold at Lowe’s are half a foot bigger than the ones from Home Depot, or at least that’s what their description says.

Lowe’s railroad ties are 7 in x 9 in x 8.5 ft, at this point don’t offer delivery, or at least not for my area, please check with their website if that changed.

At the time of writing the price per railroad is $14.88 which is $4.09 cheaper than Home Depot.

Buy railroad ties from Lowe’s.

Buy Railway Ties For Sale At Menards

In addition, Menards is another good choice, unfortunately, they don’t sell them online. I personally would prefer to see them in person before I purchase anyway.

The railroad ties sold by Menards are 7 in x 9 in x 8 ft, which is exactly the same size as Home Depot’s.

On their website, they state that the ties are salvaged from train track beds. As previously mentioned, they are treated with creosote.

The price is not mentioned on their website, so you might have to call them.

Menards have stores in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, and a few other states.

Buy railroad ties from Menards.

buy railroad ties
The age of a railway tie is what makes them popular.

Buy Railroad Ties For Sale At Bridgewell Resources

Also BridgeWell Resources would be another great place to buy railroad ties, the only problem is that they sell bulk and wholesale only. I couldn’t find what would be a minimum order, please check that with them.

They sell both new and used railroad ties, they sell directly to the railroads as well as contractors and municipalities.

Buy railroad ties from BridgeWell Resources.

These were just a few places from where you can buy railroad ties, easily and comfortably, but of course, the reality is that there are hundreds of other ways of buying them.

Other Places Where To Buy Railroad Ties

Meanwhile, let’s look at other ways of buying railroad ties, less conventional, I could say. Often finding railroad ties for sale can be a little bit of an investigative process, as everyone wants them!

In my previous article, where I tried to educate on how to not get free railroad ties, I have mentioned some of these other ways of getting railroad ties for free, well same platforms are true for buying them.

Facebook Marketplace – You are most probably familiar with it. Every other person is selling something through it these days. The good thing is that railway ties do come up here and the pricing can be much cheaper than the stores.

OfferUp – Another Buy and Sell platform, same concept as Facebook Marketplace, probably not as widely used, a simple search with the term “ used railroad tie” will get you some results.

Railroads – Many railroads are getting rid of the old, bad railroad ties. You might be able to buy them directly from them, check out the railroads in your area, call them and ask.

Small Lumber Stores – Check in your local area, some of these stores buy bulk/wholesale from railroads and resell retail. You can get really lucky, I suggest calling your local store.

where to buy railroad ties
A Great Example Railroad Ties Being Used As a Retaining Wall

Top Tips For Where to Buy Railroad Ties or Railway Ties Privately

More often than not, the railroad ties for sale you will find in a private marketplace or online community will be best, but before you jump in the car, you must ask the seller the following questions:

What grade are they, can I have further pics?

Even though railroad ties are graded, grades can differ hugely as can people’s perception of the grade, so make sure you get detailed photos. There is no excuse these days not to send someone a quick pic.

When did it last rain?

The older the tie, the better it looks in my opinion, well until it is rotten and damaged, but also the less creosote that will be present. Yes, creosote is a water repellent, but the older the tie, the less creosote is present, the more water a tie can take on and the heavier things get!

Where are the ties located, do I have clear vehicle access?

I cannot stress this enough, depending on the volume you are buying and the vehicle you are taking to pick them up, you first need to understand the access to the ties.

This especially applies to smaller amounts. Many people have leftover ties that are in a pile, but they’ve finished the rest of their landscaping and the ties are now in the corner up 8 stairs, down 4 stairs, and over the bridge above the fish pond! Well, you know what I mean.

Secondly, make sure you wear protective equipment when handling treated railroad ties, such as a mask & gloves. Also if you are planning to pick them up I suggest reading how much a railroad tie weighs, you will thank me afterward.

buy railway ties

Where To Buy Railroad Ties – Conclusion

Finally, any online buy and sell platform can have railroad ties for sale. You just have to search around, keep an eye out and you can get lucky.

I hope this article will help you find where to buy railroad ties in 2022, I am slowly collating a list of private companies and will publish a network article later in the year with further details on where to find railroad ties for sale near you.

Remember sometimes you can get lucky enough to get railroad ties for free, you never know your luck, want railway ties for free, click HERE

The Ultimate List of Where to Buy Railroad Ties For Sale In The U.S

Ok so this guide is a work in progress, it is getting there, please scroll down to your state for some great suppliers of railroad ties.

railroad ties for sale alabama

Railroad Ties For Sale In Alabama

#1 AK Railroad Materials

AK Railroad Materials is a used materials seller based in Birmingham, AL. They have several other locations as well. They sell at reasonable rate for 6x8x8 inch, 7x8x8 inch, and 7x9x9 inch used railroad ties.

If you are physically in Birmingham, you can visit their shop and sort and pick railroad ties by hand, and you also will be charged no packaging or shipping rates.

On the other hand, a flat delivery charge is applied if you order, so ordering in bulk is beneficial, as the same delivery charge is applied for delivery of one or bundled ties.

Prices range from $18 for a low-grade tie to $45 for grade A ties.

The maximum delivery distance is 100 miles, and charges may vary depending on accessibility.

You can contact AK Railroad Materials at http://www.akrailroad.com/.

#2 Bennett Lumber Co., Inc

Bennett Lumber Company sells used and logged lumber, fences, boxes, and several other wooden material supplies.

They have an excellent stock of used railroad ties, which have been removed from tracks and hence are naturally aged, not creosote pressure treated.

In Piedmont, AL, they have a flat delivery charge and their delivery trucks are out servicing the state. They can also help you with the project you are buying ties for, including landscaping, building, and construction-related work.

A pallet of ties costs arounf $85 without delivery charges, but rates are subject to change.

The wood is Southern Yellow pine and pattern stock type of treatment. It is economical to order a truckload, as the delivery charges become marginal.

You can contact Bennett Lumber Co. at https://bennettlumberco.com/ for a quote.

#3 Koppers Inc

Koppers Inc is a treated wood and railroad ties seller based in Montgomery, AL. They provide railroad ties, which are not extracted from old tracks but are instead pressure-treated variants available at a low cost and with the same aesthetic for your project. 

Koppers sells drilling machines and other home improvement items, making it a one-stop shop for people buying railroad ties for their outdoor projects.

They also don’t penalize you for buying small quantities, as they sell box variants and small pallets for $50-65, and their delivery charges are also reasonable.

They deliver only around Montgomery, which might be a hassle for some people. They also sell wooden poles and other standard variants of wooden materials too.

You can contact Koppers Inc at http://www.koppers.com/

railroad ties for sale in alaska

Railroad Ties For Sale in Alaska

#1 Pacific Alaska Lumber

PAL is based in Anchorage, AK, and is a world-class supplier of wooden railroad ties of several different specifications and uses.

They’ve been a major supplier of railroad ties in Washington and Alaska since 2007 and offer a wide variety of lumber products, namely Douglas Fir, Hemlock, and even other pines.

They have a selection between Oak and other hardwoods as well, making them a choice for an experienced builder who is sure about what each product is and how they should be used.

Prices range from $60 – $100 per tie, as these are freshly treated ties.

PAL offers delivery within a certain radius, which must be confirmed before placing an order.

They have a team of dedicated agents who will work within your budget and provide the best materials for your money.

You have a choice between treated cross-ties, switch-ties, and bridges. 

You can contact Pacific Alaska Lumber at https://www.pacaklumber.com/.

#2 Northland Wood

Based in Fairbanks, AK, and Anchorage, AK, these are quality used railroad ties sellers who are responsible for disposal and safe retrieval of a lot of railroad ties in Alaska.They offer the usual 7x9x8 and 7x8x8 ft ties along with a lot of unusual ones too.

Northland Wood pressure treats certain ties that are below par quality and have faced degradation, but also can be used for landscaping and several other purposes. You can get Grade IV ties, which means most degraded, for a discount price of 3 dollars per piece, to a whopping $200 for an industrial grade new railroad tie. 

 You can contact Northland Wood at https://northlandwood.com/

#3 Alaska Railroad Corporation Auction

This official auction by the ARRC is conducted twice a year in Kenai, AK and you can get quality and freshly replaced railroad ties for extremely affordable prices.

7x9x8 size ties are available for a throwaway price of $5 a piece.

You have to present at the auction physically and can pay only via either Cash or Check.

You have to be able to carry the ties on your own, and a maximum of 50 ties may be bought, which would need a very large pickup or small truck to carry.

You can contact Alaska Railroad Corporation Auction at https://www.alaskarailroad.com/corporate/procurement/surplus-sales

railroad ties for sale arizona

Railroad Ties For Sale In Arizona

#1 Acme Sand And Gravel

Based in Tucson, AZ, and a newer location in Phoenix, AZ, Acme Sand, and Gravel are premium landscaping businesses and are also, incidentally, sellers of used railroad ties for landscaping purposes.

Depending on your use, they sell the standard 7x9x8 tie with a creosote treatment in 4 classes of degradation and quality.

Prices vary from $15 to $50 for a single tie plus variable shipping. Deliveries and even construction deals are possible, and their office must be called for a quote.

Overall, quality-wise consistent ties are available here with a good stock. 

You can contact Acme Sand And Gravel at


#2 A&K Railroad Materials

A nationwide supplier and shipper of railroad materials, including ties, A&K happens to have a major warehouse and office in Phoenix, AZ, and sell just about every imaginable quality and modification of railroad ties, and even sells brand new railroad ties if required.

They are also involved in railroad tie retrieval and have a vast stock of used railroad ties because of their operations all over the US.

Quotes on delivery may be received more promptly if you’re in our near Phoenix by calling the Phoenix Office, which is present at 2200 East Camelback Road.

Wholesale quotes will vary in affordability compared to a smaller order, so keep that in mind.

Prices range from $50 – $80, and shipping is the same for small or large orders.  

You can contact A&K Railroad Materials at https://www.akrailroad.com/.

#3 Mid-Am Equipment

Railroad and railroad materials company from Mesa, AZ. They supply railcar parts, supplies, and fresh new railroad ties for varying prices depending on the quality and intensity of treatment.

They supply four grades of ties based on the treatment levels, ranging from $30-$140 a piece.

Depending on the additional fee, the delivery may be possible in Mesa and Phoenix. Still, you can receive a quote by calling their main office or another number on their website.

You can contact Mid-Am Equipment at https://www.midamaz.com.

railroad ties for sale arkansas

Railway Ties For Sale In Arkansas

#1 Smith Lumber & Tie Mill Inc

A family-based business in West Helena, AR, provides mainly lumber for railroad materials. Still, they also sell used railroad ties and forestry-related by-products such as plant fibers and plant non-edible products. 

Their ties are freshly compacted and treated with non-breaking plating, resulting in strong and durable ties.

These are not suited for an aged aesthetic in your landscaping purpose, but they can be used to construct a sturdy shed or a structure. A pallet of their one variety of railroad ties, pinewood, may cost around $80. 

You can contact Smith Lumber & Tie Mill Inc  at https://www.smithlumbercompany.com/.

#2 JR Banks Lumber Co

A timber company is shipping nationwide with an office in Huntsville, AR. They supply railroad ties. Specifically, discounts used or replaced railroad ties only in Arkansas, delivery optional and depending on circumstances.

They provide a larger variety of railroad ties than other local supply stores and prefer to provide a truckload, which will cost around $910.

They provide a good collection of woods and cuts from freshly fallen trees and sell a pallet for $80. This exclusive price and collection are available only for people who are physically in Arkansas or need their delivery in Huntsville.

You can contact JR Banks Lumber Co on +(479) 665-2211, as they don’t have a website. 

#3 Bearden Lumber Co

Based on the namesake, Bearden, AR, this specialty sawmill and logging operation has a large fraction of the forests around Bearden in its jurisdiction.

Because of that, Bearden Lumber Co is the most affordable offering on this list, as it sells ties or lower grades for extremely discounted prices. Prices range from $5 to $80, depending on whether it is reclaimed or good quality freshly pressed.

They sell cross and also switch ties, bridges, and other lumber products, including but not limited to Sawdust, peat, forestry byproducts, and non-edible plant products. Other kinds of woods are also present, making it a one-stop-shop for anyone in or around Bearden, AR.

You can contact Bearden Lumber Co at https://www.anthonytimberlands.com/bearden