Are AmTrak Trains Cold?

Let me guess, you are preparing for a train ride, getting ready to pack and you’re wondering, is it going to be cold on this

AmTrak train that I never rode before?

The simple answer: It depends.
The long answer:<h2> Are AmTrak Trains Cold?
Well, without getting too philosophical in my answer, I am sure that’s the last thing you want to read while you’re packing, we kind of need to define “cold”.
In the last 10 years I had the pleasure to travel on California Zephyr, Auto Train, Amtrak Hartford Line, Capitol Corridor, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, Pacific Surfliner, Southwest Chief and few more and I can tell you from my experience that you should pack that sweater.
As you probably know, AmTrak trains have a great HVAC system, which means that the inside temperature can be controlled and set as preferred, either by you or the car attendant, depending on the train car.

Amtrak’s passenger cars are designed to maintain an interior temperature

of 71 to 73 degrees, being electronically controlled. In some older cars, the temperature sensors might be off, sending false signals, resulting in either too cold or too hot cars.
For most people the train temperature should be comfortable, however, I know from my experience that some people run hot or cold.
Beside this you should also consider things like the following.
Not in one instance, while traveling in the roomette, the fan vent was stuck in the open position, blowing ice cold air. There are malfunctions of the AC system from time to time, the crew will try to fix them but sometimes it might take a while.

To wrap up, are AmTrak Trains Cold?

Pack a blanket and an extra sweater, you won’t regret it, worse case scenario you will have an extra couple pounds of clothing in your luggage.