The Best Model Train Display Case – HO, N, Z, S, O, G Scale – New 2021

Train model display cases are indispensable for anybody that wants to protect their models from dust and nosy hands or for showcasing the train models in an elegant way that will satisfy the most avid hobbyists.

We all know that some of our models are priceless, some have been passed down in our generations by our parents or grandparents, or some are simply very expensive.

Living in a house shared with our loved ones

can make things tougher for keeping the models safe and clean, especially if pets or small children are around. Believe me, I have a two-year-old and a cat, they both very curious about my trains, my son would love to take my HO Train with DCC, Steam, and Sound in the bathtub.

One solution would be to hide them in a drawer somewhere, and just take them out when we want to play.

Would you do that? I thought so.

So the second option, and probably the best option, at least for me, is to have the engines in a safe, secure, and highly visible place, on a wall.

The difficult question now is not if I should get a model train case, but which one should I buy?

What is the best model train case for my model scale?

While the answer can be difficult, I will try my best to show as many options as possible, and let you choose the right one for your setup.
Each collection is different, each need is different, as example I need display cases for my engines only, not for the full train. Also, my collection is small to medium size, some display cases might be just fine for me, but too small for you.

Let’s check out what the internet has to offer.

Display Case – HO and N Scale Models Only with a Mahogany Finish.
This is the most popular and in my opinion, the best model train display case.
Why is that? Let’s take a look.
The frame is made out of real wood, which is a must for me, it gives an amazingly elegant look.
It has 6 shelves, each shelve is 38 inches long, with a 2.5 inch between rows, perfect for a small to medium-size collection.
The display case comes equipped with wall brackets that are used for hanging it on the wall.
A lockable acrylic window will protect your models from UV and curious hands, one last but not least important detail, it doesn’t require assembly, comes in one piece.

Display Case – HO and N Scale Models Only with an Oak Finish.

This is essentially the same display case as the first one, the only difference is the finished look, which is Oak.

Masterpiece Railways Vintage Wood Display Box Train Accessory by Hawthorne Village

If you are not a fan of a wall hanging display, this vintage-style train case should satisfy your taste.
Each piece has been handcrafted out of hardwood with mahogany finish, with a real glass top.