Bullet Train Speed in France

France has a bullet train

France has a bullet train and it’s called TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, in French), the bullet train speed in France can reach a speed of 200 miles/h, or 320 km/h. The bullet train is operated by NCF, the French national railway company.

As of today TGV is the fastest way to reach many points of interest in France and not only. About 130 million people travel with TGV every year.
TGV bullet train in France operates domestic and international, with many routes from Paris to over 16 cities, speed being the number one characteristic.

The bullet train has many features like, bar, children’s area, restaurant, air conditioning and power outlets. It is very comfortable for long distances.

The train started its operations in 1981

It is also to mention that the fastest bullet train in France hasn’t been involved in any accidents, except the regular railroad accidents such as the railroad crossings.

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