Can You Drive a Car on Train Tracks?

Did it ever cross your mind trying to drive your car on train tracks?

If you try, your car will probably get hung up on tracks, get damaged or destroyed. Short and simple. But…
No one shall drive any vehicle through, around or under any crossing gate or worse, on train tracks. Driving on railroad tracks is highly illegal. The RR police will know immediately if there is something on the track.

You are not thinking about that anymore, right?

Good! Are there still any cars allowed to be driven on tracks?
Now let’s clarify some things: not your car, but with an adapter it is possible to drive a properly equipped car on the rails. These are the only vehicles permitted on railroads, allowing  service crews to access all the rails. Of course, only when the track is clear. It will definitely not stand a chance against an oncoming locomotive.
These are called rail road vehicles and can be operated both on rail racks and conventional roads. The vehicles keep their normal wheels but are fitted with flange steel wheels for the rails.
In the process of driving on rail tracks, the vehicle is raised and then stands on rail wheels which control the drive and brakes.
Just a quick reminder, according to this source, every three hours a person or vehicle is hit by a train in the United States.
Don’t forget, Trains and Cars don’t mix!