Do AmTrak Trains Have Showers? What are they like?

While you are planning a long trip by train, the question of how to maintain good hygiene comes into play to anybody that travels for more than a few hours straight.

There are many people asking if AmTrak trains have showers, while the general answer is yes, it depends what train you take and how long your trip will be.

AmTrak has many long routes around the country, and depending what kind of ticket you purchase your seat might not have showers available.

AmTrak uses Superliner and Viewliner cars

which are used for long distance trips, there are few types of these cars, coaches cars, dining cars, lounges and sleeping cars.

Depending on your destination, AmTrak’s Superliner or Viewliner sleeping cars might offer up to 8 different types of rooms out of which a few are equipped with showers. The price difference can be significant.

AmTrak trains have showers on the following cars.

Superliner Bedroom – offers in-room showers.
Superliner Bedroom suite – offers two in-room showers.
Viewliner Bedroom – offers in-room showers.
Viewliner Bedroom Suite – offers two in-room showers.
Viewliner Accessible Bedroom – offers in-room showers.

One thing I need to mention is that Superliner Accessible Bedroom doesn’t offer in-room showers, if you are looking for an Accessible Bedroom with in-room showers, Viewliner might be your only option.
For a complete list of amenities for each type of car, please visit AmTrak’s page.
I hope this article was helpful for your upcoming trip, the fact that AmTrak

Trains does have showers it’s a “clean” thing!

Enjoy your trip!do amtrak trains have showers