Does AmTrak Texas Eagle have WiFI?

AmTrak Texas Eagle travels between Chicago and San Antonio, the total length of the route is 1,306 miles and it runs daily between the above mentioned cities.
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While the car/accommodation you have booked is important for the comfort of your trip, it won’t make a difference in your WI-FI connection.


Why is that? Does Amtrak Texas Eagle Have WiFI?

As of today, March 3rd 2021, AmTrak Texas Eagle does not offer WiFi and on top of that many areas around the route has bad signal coverage, but of course this depends on your provider as well.
What can I do if I need internet connection and there is no WiFI?

While the train doesn’t offer WiFi hotspot,

you can create your own!You can do that by making a WiFi hotspot out of your phone, of course this will work only while your phone has coverage.
Also, worth mentioning, some stations along the way might provide free WiFi, check those out.
On the other note, Texas Eagle will be a great experience! Enjoy.does amtrak texas eagle have wifi