Does Amtrak Auto Train Allow Pets like Dogs or Cats?

Does Amtrak Auto Train Allow Pets like Dogs or Cats?

No, Amtrak Auto Train does not let you take pets on board. Your family, your car packed full, yes absolutely, but sadly no pets.

Amtrak are very clear in stating the following key points around travelling with pets, please read carefully before travelling:

  • Dogs and cats up to 20 pounds (combined weight of pet and carrier) are welcome on most routes.
  • Pet carriers can be hard or soft and must be leak proof and well ventilated.
  • Sizing for pet carriers is 19″ long x 14″ wide x 10.5″ high
  • The carrier bust be large enough (or the pet small enough) that your pet can sit, lie down and remain entirely inside without touching the edges of the carrier.
  • Also, sadly your pet will count towards one piece of luggage.
does amtrack allow pets on auto train

Why Doesn’t The Amtrak Auto Train Allow Pets?

Amtrak welcomes small pets on many routes, which can be clarified HERE. Ultimatley the Amtrak Auto Train is a 855 mile, 17 hour long journey that is there for you, your family & your car.

If you haven’t taken this trip, it saves time, stress and fuel and has some nice scenery along the way, I highly recommend it.

Can I Take My Pet On Amtrak Acela?

Yes, you can. This is a totally different story and one that has recently got better for pet owners. This used to be a weekend thing only but now Amtrak allows pets ( with the same conditons above) to travel 7 days a week on Acela trains.

Now this is Amtrak, so naturally there is a cost attached. It will cost you $26 or 800 Amtrak Guest Reward to take your pet onboard.

Can I Take My Service Animal Onboard An Amtrak Train?

Absolutely they do and there is rightly no charge for service animals.

Happy Travelling.