Does AmTrak Empire Builder have WiFi?

AmTrak Empire Builder travels daily between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest offering the amazing scenery of the Mississippi, North Dakota and Montana plains, followed by the spectacular views of Mt. Hood and Beacon Rock.

While the trip is breathtaking

, we live in the 21st century and we need to be connected to the internet for most of our activities, whether it’s the job or the family needing us, having a strong WiFi connection will make things possible, especially on such a long trip.
So, does

AmTrak Empire Builder have WiFi?

Unfortunately AmTrak Empire Builder doesn’t have WiFi on-board, or at least not as we are speaking (7/18/2020).

How can I substitute the WiFi

, how can I stay connected with work and family without WiFi while traveling on Empire Builder?
As mentioned above, AmTrak Empire Builder does not provide WiFi, so what you can do is using your phone as a hotspot.
While depending on your provider, your service will be interrupted and you will have dead spots (no service, no internet) now and then, which can be quite frustrating especially if you are in the middle of something.You might have to check with your service provider, see if you have unlimited data, if not check how much will cost you, it can get quite expensive, for each extra GB.

does amtrak empire builder have wifi