The Top 3 – Highest Paying Railroad Jobs

The Top 3 – Highest Paying Railroad Jobs

If you are interested in working in this industry, I am sure you’ve asked yourself which are the highest paying railroad jobs?

Look no further, if you are familiar with, you know that I am here to answer any questions.

highest paying railroad jobs

Is Working For The Railroad A Good Job?

Well, I might be biased here. But I think that working in the railroad industry offers some of the best jobs in the world.

As of 2016, according to The railroad industry employed over 105,500 people. Over 38,800 are locomotive engineers and 41,800 train conductors and yardmasters.

Let’s check out which are the highest paid railway jobs.

Highest Paying Railroad Jobs

There are 5 main occupations in the railroad industry. All of which have the common goal to run safe, professional, efficient, and importantly an on-schedule train.

Let’s, discuss the top 3 highest paying railroad jobs.

Irrelevant of your position, you will be required to work closely with other people. Great communication is absolutely essential.

Each occupation has a clear list of duties and responsibilities, see train conductor vs engineer for more details.

Let’s dive in and start to analyze each occupation and learn which are the 3 highest paying railroad jobs.

Highest Paying Railroad Jobs – Director of Engineering

The title for the highest paying railroad jobs is held by the Director of Engineering. The director of engineering has an average salary of $133,849.

Duties: The Director of Engineering is responsible for leading a team of highly qualified engineers. They make sure projects are completed on time, within budget, safely & efficiently.

The team of engineers can vary in size from 2 to 20+ engineers depending on the company.

Engineers typically require a bachelors degree in engineering. However, you need solid experience and preferably a masters degree too if you’d like to move up the ranks.

With industry experience & a solid relevant education, then you can apply for the highest paying railroad jobs.

The highest number of best paying railroad jobs is normally in Ohio. Ohio is a major crossroad for the railroad industry in this country.

The state of Ohio hires over 2,580 railroad workers, followed by Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

The second best paid railroad occupation is…

Highest Paying Railroad Jobs – Locomotive Engineer

railroad conductor jobs

The second highest paid occupation in the railroad industry is the locomotive engineer.

They are in charge of safely & efficiently operating the locomotive car that is pulling the carriages along.

A locomotive engineer is always looking out for potential issues before they become big problems. They monitor the speed, steering, and all of the instrument dials in the cabin.

The locomotive engineer basically drives the train from the cabin, and controls the speed & braking.

As trains are on a track, the locomotive engineer needs to understand size, weights, forces, and pressures to maintain safety.

A locomotive engineer is one of the highest paying railway jobs because they are essentially driving the train and monitoring everything.

Monitoring the locomotive instruments is the key task of an engineer. That aside, they must be ready to operate in emergency situations at all times.

Engineers also routinely inspect locomotives for any damage and observe tracks to detect any potential obstructions or hazardous objects.

Highest Paying Railroad Jobs – Train Conductor

The Train Conductor is generally the third best-paid position in the highest paying railroad jobs.

The Train Conductor makes an average annual pay of $73,269 across the United States.

But it is not the average that really shocks me. Numerous employment sources have confirmed that some train conductors can get over +150k depending on the company, location & time in service.

The Train Conductor is responsible for overseeing the safety and comfort of all passengers.

They are the frontline of customer service and reputation for the company.

Aside from checking tickets, they are responsible for being the point of contact for all questions & are the first point of contact in case of an emergency.

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Generally, across the board, the three highest paying railway jobs are the Director of Engineering, Locomotive Engineer & depending on variables a Train Conductor.

Do railroad workers make good money? Does the railroad pay well?

The answer is: Yes and Yes.

As you’ve learned the railroad workers make great money ranging between $45,000-$150,000+ a year.

We have created the most detailed list of railroad jobs and employment info state by state, you can find more about Railroad Jobs HERE, additionally, you can find job openings on Jooble.