How Much Does a Caboose Weigh? With Examples

A caboose is a railroad car that used to be connected at the end of a freight train. As you probably know, they are not used anymore, thanks to technological advancement.
However, there is a big interest within the railroad community regarding the cabooses, questions like how much does a ATSF caboose weigh and are there caboose lodging available , especially within the younger community, are just few of them.

Since railroads have stopped using cabooses, private entities and individuals started buying them, refurbishing and re-purposing them.
Many cabooses are repurposed in train themed restaurants, ice cream shops, cafeterias and lodging places, some even build tiny houses.

So, how heavy is a train caboose? On average.

On average a railroad caboose weighs between 25 tons (5,000 lbs) and 30 tons (6,000 lbs), kind of the same weight as a regular empty freight railroad car.

How much does a ATSF CE-11 Series caboose weigh?

The AT&SF CE-11 Series caboose weighs 58,500 lbs or 29.5 tons. This was considered the light weight of the caboose (fuel for stove, water, toilet chemicals not included).

How much does a Union Pacific UP CA-7 caboose weigh?

The UP CA-7 caboose weighs between 57,500 lbs and 58,000 lbs or 28,75 tons and 29 tons.

How much does a Southern SOU X-600 caboose weigh?

The Southern SOU X-600 weighs in between 57,000 and 58,000 lbs.Preserved Caboose Car