How Much Does a Railroad Tie Weigh? Wood, Concrete.

How much does a railroad tie weigh you ask, a railroad tie can weigh anywhere between 100 & 300 lbs (45kgs & 136kg).

However the average railroad tie weights round 200lbs or just under 91 kgs. Let’s work out which railroad tie you are after and then find out the weights.

Something tells me that you are reading this post because you’re planning to load up a few railroad ties for your upcoming landscape project. Firstly you need to work out how many, which one and then how to move them.

Let’s look at the different options for railroad ties and their appropriate weights.

how much does a railroad tie weigh

How Much Does a Railroad Tie Weigh – Wood

Wooden railroad ties are in my opinion one of the best ways to build a retaining wall. Let’s remember, railroad Ties get lighter as they age. Now let’s run through the categories and their approximate weights.

The below assumes you go for a 7″ x 9″ tie which is the most popular size in North America. I will run through the railroad ties form heaviest to lightest, which is generally newest to oldest too.

  • Relay Ties: These are the heaviest heading up to 300lbs. They are generally black, creosote soaked in very good condition with minimal cracks or splits.
  • Relay Landscape Ties: This is generally the best quality tie for your landscaping project. You will have have minimal cresote hence they are often are a grey colour. They can be around 250-300+lbs depending on dimensions.
  • #1 Landscape Ties: This is a railroad tie with at least 3 solid sides, this is my pic for landscaping. Thy look great, are generally nice aged are generally around the 150-200lbs.
  • #2 Landscape Ties: These railroad ties have at least 2 solid sides, you can be luck here an get some really good one that look like a #1 they are often lighter, have minimal rot and weigh around 150lbs.
  • #3 Landscape Ties: I have been lucky with these. Generally they have one good side and can still work well in a retaining well with a lot of character. The won’t be good enough for support posts showing three good sides though. These can weigh between 100-150lbs.
  • #4 Landscape Ties: These are generally not worth using, are cracked and have dry rot, they can be 100lbs and under.

How Much Does a Railroad Tie Weigh – Concrete

Ok, now I know some of you might want to know how much a concrete railroad tie weighs. Although I don’t think you will be using these for garden retaining walls.

These are often used in car parks and school yards as barriers for cars. They are used as a timber alternative as they are cheaper and easier to manufacture.

Concrete railroad ties weigh around 795lbs! So please don’t try and lift them by yourself, they are very heavy.

how much does a railroad tie weigh


Railroad ties make beautiful retaining walls, garden edges and even steps, but they are heavy. They do get lighter as they get older, which is a great thing. Old ties in great condition is what you are looking for ideally.

How much does a railroad tie weigh? Between 100lbs – 300lbs, so please be careful, bend your knees and call your strong friends to give you a hand.

Want to know where to buy railroad ties from, check out my buying guide HERE.