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Railroad Jobs in Georgia – CSX | Atlanta | Macon | Savannah

The state of Georgia has an area of 59,425 square miles and a population estimated at 10,500,000, hosting
28 freight railroads and 4,700 miles of rails.

This means, there are plenty of railroad jobs in Georgia, please see the Railroad company links below.

railroad jobs in georgia

Bordered to the north by Tennessee and North Carolina, to the northeast by South Carolina, to the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by Florida, and to the west by Alabama, the Peach state has a
humid subtropical climate.[source]

If you are looking to move in the state and/or you’re looking for railroad jobs in Georgia, you should know that the state has one of the highest frequency of tornadoes.

It is also the home of two Class Is freight railroad companies, CSX and Norfolk Southern, and twenty-three (23) Class III (shortlines) railroads, directly employing around 7,000 people. This is great news if you’re looking for a railroad job in Georgia.

Amtrak also operates through the state, traveling all the way to Florida.

Atlanta has a rapid transit system, called Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or short MARTA. The transit system consists of 48 miles of rail track and 38 train stations.

As you probably know, being a railroader is demanding, requires long hours of work, sometimes during the night and/or holidays. Georgia railroad industry is no different.

Depending on your occupation, whether you are a locomotive engineer, train conductor or yardmaster, your responsibilities and salary will differ.

According to GeorgiaRailroad.org, the average annual railroad salary is $104,530 ( benefits included).

railroad jobs in georgia

Georgia’s Class I Railroads

The two big employers, Class I’s, who offer freight railroad jobs in Georgia are Norfolk Southern and CSX. As of today both have openings as internship, entry level or senior level.

Norfolk Southern operates on 1,800+ miles of rails and gives work to over 4,000 railroaders, which translates into over $300,000,000 payroll. The largest terminals they serve are in Atlanta, Austell, Macon, Savannah, Augusta, Columbus, Valdosta, and Albany. Their headquarters is in Midtown with many railroad jobs in Macon, GA.

CSX Georgia operates on a slightly smaller scale, on approx. 1,600 miles of rails, hiring over 3,000 people with a total payroll of $225,000,000.

CSX major terminals are in Atlanta, Fairburn, Savannah, Augusta, Waycross. Their corporate training center is in Atlanta.
Both Class I’s railroads serves Ports of Savannah and Brunswick.

CSX offers many railroad jobs in Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Waycross and Macon.

Beside of those two big Class I railroad companies, Georgia is home to exactly 23 short line railroads.

train conductor Georgia

Georgia’s Shortline Railroads

Athens Line, Chattahoochee Bay Railroad, First Coast Railroad, Fulton County Railway, Georgia Woodlands,
St. Marys Railroad, Valdosta Railway, Georgia Northeastern being few of them.

These short liners use the same equipment as Class I’s but they operate at slower speeds and lower volume which translates into lower revenue than Class I’s.

Other Shortline Employment Options

Other shortline and Terminal Railroads in Georgia that might offer employment include:

The Valdosta Railway also known as VR it’s a shortline operated by Genesee & Wyoming, connects Clyattville to CSX Transportation and the Norfolk Southern Railway at Valdosta.

St. Marys Railroad operates in the great state of Georgia, they were recently purchased by Birmingham, Alabama-based Boatright Companies.

The Sandersville Railroad also known as SAN operates from Tennille, GA to Sandersville, GA, they operate on approx. 9 miles of track.

The Riceboro Southern Railway began operations in 2004, from Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL, on 33 miles of track, some of which leased from CSX Transportation.

train conductor georgia
1275×1650 RailSystemMap, in Georgia State Rail Plan Maps, by John S. Quarterman, for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange, 17 April 2014, 2014 Georgia State Rail Plan

The Heart of Georgia Railroad was created in 1999 to operate 177 miles of track. Since then, the railroad has expanded reaching 219 miles as of today. The general traffic includes chemicals, plastic pellets, aggregates, lumber, grain, pulpwood, scrap metal, and fertilizer, hauling approximately 7,500 carloads per year.

The Hartwell Railroad (HRT) is operated by Great Walton Railroad, the railroad that connects with Norfolk Southern Railway.

Great Walton Railroad operates the above mentioned railroad and Athens Line LLC, hauling over 3,500 carloads per year.

Golden Isles Terminal Railroad is owned by Genesee & Wyoming, it operates 33 miles of track around the port at Brunswick, Georgia.

The Georgia Woodlands Railroad operates approx. 17 miles of track between Washington, GA and Barnett, GA. The general traffic consists of lumber products, butane, and plastics, hualing over 570 annual carloads.

The Georgia Southwestern Railroad also known as GSWR operates in southwestern Georgia and southeastern Alabama, on over 230 miles of track. They haul over 13,000 carloads per year, mostly consisting of chemicals, clay, grain, peanuts, plastics, stone, and wood.

The Georgia Northeastern Railroad also known as GNRR runs from Elizabeth, Georgia to Blue Ridge, Georgia.
The Georgia Central Railwayalso known as GC operates 174 miles of track between Macon, GA to Savannah, GA. Their headquarters are in Lyons, Georgia.

The Fulton County Railway known as FCR, operates for 16 years as of today, on 25 miles of track owned by CSX Transportation, the railroad is owned by OmniTRAX.

The Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway operates 22 miles of track, headquartered in LaFayette, Georgia.

Finding railroad jobs in Georgia shouldn’t be a problem, of course, your desired benefits and your actual
experience will make a difference.

Railroad Jobs In Georgia

There are plenty of railroad jobs in Georgie, especially with the class I railroads.

I wish you the best of luck in your job search!