Railroad Jobs in Louisiana – The Ultimate Guide

You’re in luck if you’re searching for railroad jobs in Louisiana! The state is an ideal location for you to kickstart your railroading career.

There’s so much history in The Pelican State, It is undeniably among the most remarkable places in the U.S.

The city of New Orleans was built during a battle at considerable expense. It sits near the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Because of this, it boasts a valuable location and advantage. In fact, it played a massive role when Europeans vied for dominance. The state’s location was used as a weapon in the battles over the continent.

So, New Orleans residents developed a distinct culture and civilization. It also includes a wide range of diverse cultural influences. Finally, the advent of railways ushered in a new era.

Because of this geographic advantage, Louisiana houses six Class I railroads! This includes BNSF, CSX, Canadian National, KCSR, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific.

That’s not all. Louisiana also houses several shortline railways. All in all, there are approximately 17 railways in Louisiana. All of these amount to almost 3,000 miles.

So, if you’re looking for a railroad job, you have various options.

Today, we’ll be exploring all your possibilities. In this post, we tackle the impact of railways in Louisiana too, it’s important to know what your getting into.

Next, we set out job hunting information. And finally, we outline all the railroads you can work for. Let’s get to it!

Railroad Jobs in Louisiana 

The History and Influences of Louisiana’s Railway Network

The first railways in Louisiana commenced around 1830. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad had only been in operation for a few years. It was then that the earliest railway in Alleghenies was established. This was the Pontchartrain Railroad. Its route ran from Faubourg Marigny to Milneburg.

Mountains and steep gradients are not typical in Louisiana. Due to the state’s near-total flatness, it is ideal for rail transportation. As a result, the state had over 5,000 miles of rail infrastructure. built. Additionally, most of these routes travel in and out of New Orleans. This comprises the Southern Pacific, Mobile & Ohio Railroad, and Southern Railway to name a few.

Louisiana also housed some logging railways, agribusiness and agricultural branches. Unfortunately, the majority of these railroads are decommissioned and relinquished.

But, this didn’t remove Louisiana’s importance as an origin and destination state. Louisiana continues to be a significant gateway for travelers and businesses. Petrochemicals and the New Orleans Port are two of the most important components of the state’s economy.

And today, it’s still one of the most thriving railroad states. As mentioned, It houses six out of seven Class Is and many shortlines.

Moreover, Louisiana also houses a small number of railway museums, which are great! These are the Old Hickory Railroad, DeQuincy Railroad, and Southern Forest Heritage Museum.

All of these things make Louisiana’s railway infrastructure a driver of the country’s economy. The staggering number of Class I railways in the state alone open a slew of job opportunities.

In line with this, the sector lends competitive compensation to railroad workers. Furthermore, the railways help in transporting goods for many businesses.

With that, working in the state’s railroad sector offers you a stable and fulfilling job. But, before you apply, there are some things you should know.

Where To Find Railroad Jobs in Louisiana

Working as a railroader is not an easy feat. As with any other job, it comes with a set of challenges. You may have to work long hours away from home. So, make sure you know your capabilities and your goals.

Louisiana railroads make up three categories. These are the class I, IIs, and IIIs. Or, the class Is, regionals, and shortlines.

Each of which gets classified by its operating income revenue. But, note that no class is better than the other.

Ultimately, the best class and job will depend on you and your goals as a railroader. So without further ado, let’s explore your options!

close up of railway tracks

Class I Railroad Jobs in Louisiana

Each Class I company comprises miles and miles of track and operates in many states. They are the country’s main rail carriers and control the entirety of its railway network.

BNSF Railway

The BNSF Railway was the top North American railroad business in 2020, with more than $20 billion in income is generated annually. Since its establishment, it has had an enormous impact on America’s train economy.

With a 32,500-mile rail infrastructure, it links 28 states in the United States. Three Canadian provinces are also served by this company. Lastly, the corporation directly employees roughly 34,000 people.

Kickstart your railroad career in one of North America’s finest. Click here to view their job openings.

CSX Transportation

One of North America’s most prominent cargo transport companies is CSX. CSX Corporation features its headquarters in Florida. It also operates its subsidiary companies here.

Additionally, CSX offers a wide range of services from intermodal to trailer transport.

Its network spans over 23 states with 20,000 miles of track. It also serves Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. Its transportation system links several of the country’s most populous cities. In fact, most of the United States is under CSX’s provider network.

Learn more about the jobs at CSX by clicking here.

Grand Trunk (Canadian National)

Canadian Nationa’s origins date back to 1918. The government of Canada formed it to manage various railways in the country. This company owns the Grand Truck railway in the United States.

They serve a multitude of services from rail to intermodal to trucking. There are millions of businesses that depend on the corporation’s cargo. Because of this, they are unquestionably a pillar of the economy.

Be a part of Canadian National today! Click here to view their careers.

Kansas City Southern Railway

This is one of the smaller Class I railways in the business. Kansas City Southern is a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern established in 1880. Through the years, it eventually became a carrier linking Kansas to the Gulf Coast. When mergers were rampant in 1970, it remained self-reliant. In fact, the company grew and served as far as Mexico.

Not much has changed in KCSR since then. Until today, the company still operates much of its system. Interested in KCS jobs? Click here.

Norfolk Southern

This network is one of eastern America’s most extensive railroads. For many years, the firm is famous for its excellent management. NS is also known for its competitive compensation. A train conductor at Norfolk Southern may start in the $50,000 range. Moreover, you can make more than $100,000 after a few years.

Learn more about Norfolk Southern’s jobs by clicking here.

Union Pacific

UP is the earliest and most prominent railroad in the United States. Due to this, you’ll be a part of something incredibly historic. In fact, the company takes its history very seriously that holds museums devoted to it.

Moreover, the Union Pacific is a well-known Fortune 500 firm. Currently, the Union Pacific runs approximately 32,000 miles of track. It additionally serves over 23 states in the country.

You can learn more bout Union Pacific by clicking here. Their website holds valuable information about their job listings as well.

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Shortline and Terminal Railroad Jobs in Louisiana

Regional railways or class IIs travel from one town to the other. In contrast to intercity rails, regionals make more frequent stops. They also cover fewer miles of track.

A shortline or class III, on the other hand, is privately held. It is also individually funded and operated. Compared to regional railways, these cover shorter miles of track. High-quality services are their competitive advantage. They are also much cheaper than class I railroads.

louisiana sugar cane field

Acadiana Railway Company, Inc.

Late in the decade of the 1990s, this privately operated made its debut. It has an overall track length of approximately 23 kilometers. This company hauls a variety of items. This includes food and Agri products.

As of this time of writing, the company does not have a website. So, contact them directly for possible job openings.

Baton Rouge Southern Railroad, LLC

This shortline commenced in November 2008. The primary function of its network is to offer transloading and car services.

Kansas City Southern also uses the network for car storage and switching services. Overall, this shortline holds 26 miles of track with a 286 track capacity.

Moreover, the BRS holds a terrific location for freight. It is located near The Port of Greater Baton Rouge in Louisiana. Finally, Watco owns and manages the Baton Rouge Southern Railroad.

Learn more about them by clicking here.

Delta Southern Railroad

The Delta Southern Railroad or DSSR runs on two different lines. These routes are around 60 miles away in the cities of Monroe and Tallulah. It also covers two port facilities — Madison Parish and Lake Providence. Overall, the network runs a total of 51 miles of track.

It is among the best shortline railways with a good location. KCS, the Meridian Speedway, and Highway 20 are also handy stops for the DSRR trains.

Because of their center southern placement, they are well-positioned to move goods anywhere. This includes south to north, and east to west.

The railway lines of the DSRR transport over 2000 truckloads of freight yearly. Besides cotton, the area produces a wide range of goods. This includes chemicals, clay, wood, and forestry.

Learn more about the company by clicking here.

Louisiana & Delta Railroad, Inc.

LDRR is a shortline that manages 114 miles of track. This route is located in the South of Louisiana — near Raceland. But, the majority of its remaining tracks are along the US Highway 90.

The BNSF Railway provides trackage rights for the LDRR. Additionally, the shortline carries a wide mix of products. This includes paper, sugar, rice, ore, and more.

Lastly, this shortline has interchanges with BSNF and Union Pacific.

Contact the company directly for job openings. Click here for their details.

Louisiana & North West Railroad Co.

The LNW is a freight shortline railway with 68 miles of track. The origins of this shortline began in the 1880s. During this time, it was created to replace the Louisiana North & South Railroad. Currently, its route serves Gibsland to Mcneil.

Additionally, LNW also runs the Bridge Road in Gibland. This short network also does interchanges at UP and Kansas City Southern.

Louisiana Southern Railroad, Inc.

Another Watco-operated company on this list is the LSR. Watco started operating the ​​Louisiana Southern Railroad in 2005. Currently, it runs 157 miles of track. But, these tracks are disconnected and spread out across North Louisiana.

New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway Co.

The Rio Grande Pacific Corp owns and operates this shortline. It runs across the New Orleans metropolitan region and surrounding areas. Overall, the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway operates 32 miles of track. Visit their website for more employment information. Click here.

New Orleans Public Belt Railroad

This is one of the most important transportation shortlines today. The NOPBR has been around since the 1980s. Currently, the network interchanges with six of seven Class Is in North America.

Ouachita Railroad

The Ouachita Railroad (or OUCH) services nearly 27 miles of track. As of today, the only serviceable line is the one that runs from El Dorado. Additionally, it hauls mostly chemicals and lumber. Before dismantling, this route was a component of the Pacific Railroad. Following that, it also ran the SCAR until 1982.

Timber Rock Railroad, Inc.

Watco also owns the Timber Rock Railroad. In eastern Texas, it runs around 160 miles of track. But, it also travels east to Deridder. Visit Watco’s website for available positions. Click here.

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Railroad Jobs in Louisiana: Start Your Railroad Career Today!

As you can see, Class I railroads thrive in Louisiana. Because of this, you have a slew of choices. Shortlines also give you more extensive options.

There’s no better time and place to start a career in the railroad than today! In a state like Louisiana, you have plenty of opportunities.

Before we end this post, know that job hunting won’t always be easy. This is especially true if you are just starting. It might take a little trial and error. But, don’t give up!

You’ll find the perfect railroad job for you soon. Benefits will unravel tenfold once you get that job.

This finally concludes the railroad jobs in Louisiana. So, what are you waiting for? Contact these companies if you’re interested.

Still expanding your options? We have more railroad job listings per state. Click here.

If you’d also like to know more about the industry, our blog articles can help you too! Click here.

We’re incredibly excited about your railroad journey.

Best of luck!