Railroad Jobs in Vermont – Ultimate Guide

Are there any railroad jobs in Vermont? There certainly are. Unfortunately, though, the opportunities are less than in other states. In fact, there are no Class I railroads running through the state. But, there is one Class II regional railway and a few shortline railways in Vermont. Let’s check out your options.

railroad jobs in vermont

All in all, the state of Vermont only operates 590 miles of trackage. It’s also one of the states with the smallest mileage in the country. 

Actually, the state originally had a significant number of rails. Some classic and historic lines ran through the state, too. But, the majority of these were abandoned. 

Nevertheless, the rails presently serve the state and its economy in one way or another. 

And overall, the sector is a great one to work for.

But, be prepared for some job hunting challenges. The job market will most likely be competitive. 

Don’t let this get you down, though. It’s worth a shot if you’re genuinely interested in working for the railroad. 

And we’re here to help you out. In this post, we tackle all your options for railroad jobs in Vermont. 

If you’re a new prospective railroader, we added some pointers and advice for you. 

And finally, we will expand your options by listing down railroad jobs near the state. 

Let’s begin.

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Working For The Railroad Industry: Tips and What To Expect

Are you a newcomer to the railroad industry? You are likely drawn to all of its splendor. Indeed, the railways provide some of the most beautiful working landscapes.

In addition, you’ve probably heard about the generous wages and employee benefits.

While all of these are true, the railroad is not what most people simply assume it to be. As with every job, there are challenges. And challenges in the railroad are not for those who give up easily. 

This is mostly due to working unexpectedly long hours. Trains run continuously. Consequently, the majority of class I occupations demand 12-hour shifts. In addition, some companies may call you anytime they need you.

Often, you need to work on holidays and weekends.

Vermont is also not for the physically weak. You need to be able to tolerate the brutal winters of the state. 

The railroad will become your new way of life and It will demand much time away from your family.

But, Class Is offers the highest wages in the industry. In fact, they’re one of the highest paying sectors in the whole country.

These companies also provide extra bonuses, incentives, and programs. Therefore, all the sacrifice and hard work can be well worth it. 

However, there are no Class I railways in Vermont. So, if you’re particularly aiming for a class I job, you won’t find any here. Your best bets are the states nearby. 

On a lighter note, regionals and shortlines do have more predictable schedules. But note that these railways are not as modernized and resource-riched as Class Is. 

So, you will likely be required to do whatever tasks may be necessary, even though it is not part of your job description. 

On top of this, salaries may not match up to those of Class I jobs. 

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Class II Regional Railroad Jobs in Vermont

Pan Am Railways

This railroad was the former Guilford Transportation in the 1980s. During this period, its roster included numerous New England railways. In 2006, the name was changed to Pam Am Railways.

This route was the most significant Class II regional carrier in the nation. It had 1,800 miles of trackage in all. However, in 2020 they revealed they were for sale. And later on, CSX bought the network.

CSX intends to develop its network and expand its Northeast capabilities. Among them are trustworthy freight services and enhanced transportation strategies. It’s an attractive offer. Additionally, it may provide other employment opportunities along the road. Therefore, this is wonderful news for all prospective job searchers in Vermont. 

Click here to learn about railroad jobs at Pam Am.

Class III Shortline, Switching, and Terminal Railroad Jobs in Vermont

Claremont Concord Railroad

This shortline has been around since the 19th century and hashad a long and rich history since then. It even went bankrupt in the 1850s. However, it was revived later on and had many alterations. 

As of present, the Claremont Concord services Lebanon, Claremont, and New Hampshire. 

Contact the company directly for more job-related information. 

Green Mountain Railroad

This shortline operates through two historic routes. These include ones from the Boston and Maine and Rutland Railroad.

Learn more about them through their website. Click here. 

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New England Central Railroad

This is one of the biggest shortlines running through Vermont. It is also a  Genesee & Wyoming-owned shortline.

The New England Central came about in the 1990s. Back then, it served as a successor of the historic Central Vermont Railway. 

Currently, it services the regions of New London, Alburgh, and Connecticut. It also does interchanges with a few other railways. These include Canadian National, CSX, The Massachusets Central, and Green Mountain Railroad. 

All in all, this shortline runs 266 miles of trackage. 

Check out Genesee & Wyoming’s website to learn more about them. Click here. 

St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad

Another Genesee & Wyoming-owned shortline on this list is the St. Lawrence and Atlantic. It is also commonly known as St-Laurent et Atlantique Quebec in Canada.

This shortline services Maine, Portland, Montreal, and Quebec. It also crosses the US-Canadian border. It passes through Vermont, Norton, Stanhope, and Quebec. 

All in all, this shortline runs 157 miles of trackage.

Learn more about them through Genesee & Wyoming’s website. Click here. 

Vermont Railway

This shortline took over much of the old Rutland Railway. Currently, it is a division of the Vermont Rail System. However, its trackage is operated by the Vermont Agency of Transportation. 

The Vermont Railway is also Vermont’s largest shortline. In total, it runs 230 miles of trackage. It also employs over 100 railroaders. In fact, they were awarded 2022’s Shortline Of The Year. 

This freight serving shortline serves Vermont, Upstate New York, and New Hampshire. 

They mostly haul metal, Agri products, chemicals, local minerals, and energy. 

They’re also known to have great employee benefits. So, if you’re interested, check out their railroad jobs in Vermont by clicking here. 

All in all, this shortline operates more than 400 miles of trackage. 

Washington County Railroad

Last on this list of shortlines is one owned by the Vermont Railway. The Washington County links White River Junction to New Port.

Overall, this shortline covers 80 miles of trackage.

Contact the company directly for more information. 

Railroad Jobs Near Vermont

Now, if you want to broaden your choices, you may apply in Vermont’s surrounding states. These states have access to all railroad classes and a larger range of employment opportunities.

New York

New York has one of the top mileages in the country. And thankfully, it’s quite near Vermont. There is four Class I railroads in the area: These are:

  • Canadian National
  • Canadian Pacific
  • CSX
  • Norfolk Southern

There are also four class II regional railways in New York with a slew of shortlines. Overall, there are over 45 freight railways in the state totaling 4,500 miles of trackage. 

Find railroad jobs in New York by clicking here. 


Massachusetts has plenty to offer despite being one of the smallest states. It is situated in the country’s northeastern region.

Hence, it comprises hilly and mountainous train infrastructure. Additionally significant is the state’s railroad history. In fact, it was the first state to have a railroad crossing its boundaries. These existed even before the establishment of Baltimore and Ohio.

Massachusetts is served by a single Class I train network, CSX. ​​ Additionally, it is home to two renowned class IIs. A few shortline railways are also present in the state.

Find railroad jobs in Massachusetts by clicking here. 

We also have a list of railroad jobs per state, so if you’re open to further other options, Click here. 

railway track during winter in Vermont

Become A Railroader With These Railroad Jobs in Vermont! 

There you have it, all the available railroad companies in Vermont. As you can see, there is not much. It is a fairly small state with short miles of trackage. But, if you’re really interested and keen on working in the area, don’t give up.

After all, the state has one regional and a few shortlines. And, you might kickstart your flourishing railroading career here. If you’re interested, try contacting any of these companies.

If you are, however, searching for Class I jobs, nearby states are your best bet. Fortunately, the nearest states offer an abundance of railroad job alternatives. 

This ends our discussion on railroad jobs in Vermont. 

We wish you the best of success in your job hunt and railroading career! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the railroads that operate in Vermont?

In total, the state of Vermont houses 590 miles of trackage. It has one regional railroad, the Pam Am Railway. There are also a few shortlines. These are:

  1. Claremont Concord
  2. Green Mountain Railroad 
  3. New England Central Railroad
  4. St Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad
  5. Vermont Railway
  6. Washington County Railroad

Who is the owner of the Vermont Railroad?

The Vermont Agency of Transportation owns the trackage. But it does not own the line running through New York. In New York, the VTRs line is operated by Boston and Maine. 

What state has the largest railroad miles?

As of 2020, Texas has the most railroad miles in the United States, with a total of more than 10,400 miles. It accounts for approximately 7.6% of all the country’s miles of trackage. 

What state has the smallest railroad miles?

Alaska ranks the least in terms of railroad mileage in the United States. Hawaii, on the other hand, has no operational rail network.