Railroad Spikes Art – Top 100 ideas and examples with pictures

Art out of railroad spikes, wouldn’t think that is possible? Think again.

We all have stumbled upon some old railroad spikes at one point, I remember once I bought a full bucket of rusty railroad spikes from a scrap yard, planning to use them as decorative pieces throughout my garage.

Never did use them and as a matter of fact I lost them for years.

…but I just found them.

This time I want to use them and make something cool out of them. So I started looking for ideas, and I found out that people make railroad spikes art, which blew my mind.

While these talented people, many being professional blacksmiths, showcase their art, people like me are taking notes, wondering how they can do it.

Credit for both cover picture and this to J.P.Overman’s Iron Works

The only thing I have is love for railroads, landscaping, decor and a hammer and I believe many people reading this can subscribe. Not too much talent behind this monitor, so can I do any kind of art out of railroad spikes?

That’s a frequently asked question.

I have been surfing the whole internet looking for ideas, anything that can be done out of railroad spikes.

There are literally hundreds of ideas out there.

I have compiled a list with some of the most notorious ones out there, I have also sorted them by difficulty.

Let’s start with

railroad spikes art – difficulty easy.

Many types, shapes and forms of cabinets hardware being made out of railroad spikes out there. I believe this is a great idea for a project that will bring a new look to a piece of furniture! There is definitely something unique about this, you won’t find these types of hardware in many kitchens. Beside of the great look, the manufacturing is quite easy to moderate, assuming you can handle some tools, and you have the basics of blacksmithing.
Some other great and easy to implement art ideas that you can make out of railroad spikes are toilet paper holder, bottle opener, wine bottle holder, cloth hanger, candle stand.As mentioned above most of these railroad spikes project ideas, are quite easy to replicate, even for a guy like me (not a handy man), with just a hammer. Probably the easiest one would be the wine bottle holder. Some basic blacksmithing tips would help, check this ones out.

Railroad Spikes Art – Moderate Difficulty

I hope you have practiced on those easy to make projects that I have presented above, because these ones take some sweat. Out of many cool railroad spikes project ideas, I have come up with a list of few that take some serious skills. The ones that look the most difficult to manufacture, at least to me, are these utensils. Copyright Tom Burnheimer Jr. I haven’t tried nothing similar but judging by the effort I had to put in my “railroad spikes wine bottle holder” project, I assume this is extremely hard, at least for a beginner. What other ideas are out there for a guy with medium skills? Please go to plugin admin and after refreshing page check for error(s) on stream settings page. As you probably noticed, some of these railroad spikes are indeed art, some take even welding skills. Most of them involve curves and hard to reach shapes.

Railroad Spikes Art – Ideas for advanced Alright

, so we have presented about 50 railroad spikes project ideas, ranging from toilet paper holder (that’s art too!) to more sophisticated ones like a spoon, or a Love sign which require some great skills. Perhaps you are here only for the sophisticated ideas or maybe you have tried the easier ones and you were successful (good for you, I am still working on my wine bottle holder, I should’ve started with the toilet paper holder), however, let’s check out the greatest railroad spikes art on the internet.ImageImage