Railroad Tie Dimensions – What are they? Length, Width, and Depth.

Railroad tie dimensions, what are they? Let’s first have a look at the different types of ties so we can give you the correct measurements. The standard railroad tie dimensions and most used are 7” (in) x 9” (in) x 8.5’ (feet).

There are more options out there, see below.

RailRoad Tie Dimensions – Types

There are 4 main types of railroad ties used in the United States with a typical railroad tie dimensions being 8+1/2 feet long, 9 inches wide and 7 inches thick.

  • Wooden Railroad Ties
  • Concrete Railroad Ties
  • Plastic Railroad Ties
  • Plastic Railroad Ties

Naturally, wooden are the most interesting, character filled and versatile railroad tie, so let’s discuss them in further detail. Also who wants to use anything else for their landscaping project!

Wooden Railroad Tie Dimensions

The standard railroad ties dimensions and most used are 7” (in) x 9” (in) x 8.5’ (feet). Some other dimensions are also in use, those are 7” (in) x 8” (in) x 8.5’ (feet) ; 6” (in) x 8” (in) x 8.5’ (feet).

Above I mentioned that the dimensions are universal with some exceptions, that exception applies to the railroad ties used on bridges, which are longer and in some instances thicker.

The bridge’s railroad tie dimensions are no less than 8” (in) x 9” (in) x 10’ (feet) which are 1 foot longer than the standard railroad tie.

Railroad bridge ties can be very hard to find, but make the most incredible retaining walls in your garden. Make sure you start looking for railroad ties for sale with plenty of time to spare as they can be tricky to get a hold on.

railroad tie dimensions

Railroad Tie Grades, Which One Do I Use?

Railway tie grades, so it always important to make sure you are choosing the correct grade. Asking on the phone before you see them is best. If it’s a private seller, make sure you ask for detailed photos, not just photos from one side.

Relay/Premium Grade

These are the highest grade of tie. The tie can look brand new, the wood will be completely solid, straight and look fresh.
Sure they might be easy to work with and be nice and precise, but it will take a long time to get a nice aged look!

Landscape Grade

Often referred to as No 1 Grade. These railway ties are the next level down, the most common and the easiest to use. The will generally be in very good conditon, may have small damage (character) and be cresote soaked. Naturally the creosote will make for a darker colour tie.

railway tie dimensions

No. 2 Grade

These ties have taken a beating from the elements, have excessive wear, are older and generally have splits. You can get lucky with these and if you do, they will look great and make a stunning character filled railway tie retaining wall.

No. 3 Grade

Railway tie dimension will differ here from the normal. The timber will be strong, but damage and age will be sever. There might even be tie plates attached. Sure you might get a bargain, but there will headaches too!


Railway tie dimension generally stick around 7” (in) x 9” (in) x 8.5’ (feet), but you will see other options out there. If you buy privately, always get multiple photos of the ties before you jump in the car to get them!

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Happy Landscaping!