Steam Engine Train Rides in Virginia and West Virginia

There is nothing that can, at least try to satisfy the nostalgia of the previous railroad era like a scenic steam engine train ride, and where can you find a great one? In Virginia or West Virginia.
Virginia and West Virginia offers quite a few train rides, but how about a steam engine train ride? For us, the railroad enthusiasts, the locomotive plays a major role when choosing a train ride, of course we will take them all, beside the scenic ride, which won’t change doesn’t matter which locomotive is used, there is a clear distinction between a diesel-electric locomotive and an old steam engine train ride.

Why waiting? Let’s take a look at the best steam engine train rides in Virginia and West Virginia.

Cass Steam Engine Train Ride – Bald Knob, West Virginia
The Cass Scenic Railroad was built to haul lumber to the mill in 1900’s and is the home of the world’s largest fleet of Shay locomotives. This place hosts the legendary C-80 Shay 5, still operating on its original track line, being one of the oldest engines in continuous service.
This trip will take you back to an era when steam engines were the most essential thing in the travel industry.
Get ready to experience over 22 miles of amazing scenery, breathtaking views of the Appalachians.You will be leaving Cass at an attitude of 2452 feet, and slowly reaching 4852 feet in Bald Knob.
The ride will take approximately 4 hours and a half, and right when you’ll need it the most, a large lunch will be served, consisting of sandwiches, chips, cookies and water.
The cost of the tickets,  ranging between $60 and $70 (children tickets are cheaper) on the fall weekends (starting with Sept. 18), and between $55 and $65 during the week. These prices are subject to change, so please check with the company you buy the tickets from.

The Durbin Rocket Steam Engine Ride – West Virginia

Do you remember the Heisler No.6 engine? Me neither, but I know a bunch of things about it. What’s more exciting than being able to ride a train powered by this gorgeous engine?
This steam engine will take you on a 10 miles long journey, back in time.
Departing the Durbin Depot, the scenic steam engine ride operates April through December along Greenbrier River in northern Pocahontas County.The fact that the train pulls a combination of open and closed cars, makes this train ride family friendly.
You will be able to witness first hand, coal being shoveled into the tender and water being supplied at the watering hole along the way.
During this two hours train ride, you will be able to take pictures, relax andenjoy the view.
The weekend fall rates (starting with Sept.18) are between $30 and $40 and for the regular times between $25 and $35.

Cass Steam Engine Train Ride – Whittake Trip, West Virginia

A beautiful two hours trip, over 8 miles of track, climbing the Cheat Mountain, powered by a Shay steam engine, heaven!
With two departures times at either 11:00 AM or 2:00PM, the scenic ride will take you to the Whittaker Station, where you can enjoy a 30 minutes layover, a great time to have a picnic and enjoy the views.steam engine train rides in Virginia and West Virginia