The Best HO Scale Amtrak REVIEW – 2022

So what is the best HO scale Amtrak? The Best HO Scale Amtrak is the Amtrak Acela DCC by Bachmann, read on and I will tell you why.

HO Scale amtrak acela

There’s no better way to get your creativity flowing and appreciate the modern marvel of trains than with the help of an HO scale buildable train set! HO scale trains are extremely accurate, fine pieces of art that showcase the complexity and beauty of modern trains. They are constructed at a 1:87 ratio or 3.5mm per foot of train.

This is just big enough to fit in a nicely-sized display area in your home, yet small enough to still appreciate the details that come designed on trains.

Of all HO scale models, perhaps none is quite as striking as the HO scale Amtrak model. Amtrak is a staple of American history and ingenuity. The train line is just as popular to ride today as it was when it was started almost 50 years ago, and for good reason. Amtrak trains traverse throughout the United States, allowing riders to take in the deep, gorgeous American landscape & there is no more famous than the Amtrak Acela.

Do you know how fast the Amtrak Acela goes in real life? Did you know it is Amtrak’s fastest train!?

Of these Amtrak trains, the Amtrak Acela is one of the best known and most-used today. This makes owning an HO scale Amtrak Acela a must-have for avid train model enthusiasts. Bachmann Trains has just released a quality improved model of their HO scale Amtrak Acela. It is one of our best picks for HO scale train models thus far.

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Why Choose Bachmann Trains?

There are various train model manufacturers to choose from in the United States. While all of them have their own benefits, Bachmann Trains has had ample experience producing HO scale models, N models, and G models. They are also a well-established toy company, having began production in 1833! They have a variety of products to choose from, including Amtrak models, HO scale buildings, Diesel locomotives, steam locomotives, and U.S. Buildings just to name a few items.

Why does this matter? Well, it’s always best to familiarize yourself with a manufacturer when first starting your train-building hobby. By choosing Bachmann trains, you can build your own scale town and make sure they are all produced with the same high-quality as your HO scale Amtrak train!

The Best Amtrak HO Scale Makes a Difference

The HO scale Amtrak Acela DCC is perfect for seasoned train model builders and younger children alike. The HO scale allows hobbyists to build within a limited space, yet still have enough options to accessorize and truly appreciate the details of the Acela.

This model comes with an oval track that is 81inches long by 45 inches wide and a 22 inch diameter. This makes it easy to set up in a basement setting or as a small model. Unlike N models, HO scale Amtrak models are fairly easy to build, come with fine details, and can be beginner-friendly for younger children (so long as they are monitored in case of choking hazards).

Beauty in the Small

To start off, the locomotive on the Bachmann Train Amtrak Acela is weighs 1.4 pounds, enough to have a solid, high-quality feel to it, yet not big enough to be overly spacious such as an O scale. 

The locomotive on the HO scale Amtrak Acela model comes with working doors, windshield wipers, headlights (with working lights), and updated exterior paint. The model also comes equipped with a first-class car, which houses a detailed luxurious dining space, fine details on the exterior like a blue, handicapped sticker, and rooftop air-conditioning models.

All windows are configured to accurately reflect the real-life set-up of the Acela’s first-class car, dining car, and the business-class car. Inside each car, you’ll be delighted to see real-life set ups that mimic the actual Acela, making this a charming model by Bachmann Trains.

 The final car that comes with this set is a dummy locomotive that is still just as carefully crafted as the actual pusher locomotive. It is more light-weight and contains updated exterior paint as well, completing the overall look of the Acela.

Best Of DCC Powered Trains 

DCC allows you to individually operate your HO scale Amtrak Acela on any rail or pantograph operation. The oval rail itself is finished in a beautiful silver. Bachmnann’s DCC HO scale Amtrak set is bi-directional, with accompanying headlights to indicate the direction on the powered locomotive! Soft and red ditch lights and markers make this a dreamy model perfect for a peaceful afternoon of building. You’ll also enjoy the lit interior of the cafe car.

This DCC model can reach speeds of 150, and mimics the high-speed rail-line of the Acela. However, you’re more likely to experience a smoother ride at 22. The train set isn’t too loud, however it does produce a low hum and squeaky wheels that is normal for most train models. What we like about this DCC model is that it’s ready-to-run and includes your E-Z-track set-up and speed controller. Both are easy to use and assemble. All you need to do is snap the tracks in place and make sure they are securely in place. There’s no need for complicated screws or other parts necessary!

The speed controller is easy to use, giving you the ability to operate your train forward and in reverse. All you need to do is simply switch the dial clockwise or counterclockwise!

Timeless Model 

The Amtrak Acela is one of the most recognizable of all Amtrak trains. The Acela runs from Washington D.C. to Boston with 16 stops in between. It is a commuter train that can reach speeds of up to 84 mph and was introduced in 2000.

Bachmann Trains has partnered with Amtrak, who has deemed their Acela model as an official Amtrak product! This ensures you’re getting the most detailed, high-quality Acela model available. You can enjoy modeling around this train that has now become a symbol of work and commuting in the East Coast.

Best HO Scale Amtrak Train Conclusion

The combination of the Amtrak Acela & the quality of it being made by Bachmann makes for a brilliant combination.

If you opt to buy the train set, you or the lucky receiver will be impressed, alternatively, the locomotive add-ons are brilliant too. Bachmann is one of those quality American model train brands that has been around for years and from my experience, it is very hard to go wrong buying their products.

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Happy Model Traininig!