What states does Amtrak not go to?

Amtrak was created by Congress in 1970 and it offers intercity transportation within the United States of America and Canada. It serves over 500 destinations in 46 states, including three Canadian provinces and Washington D.C.

The United States of America

is made out of 50 states, which are the states where

Amtrak does not go to?

As of today, Amtrak doesn’t go to 4 states within America.
The state of Wyoming is not served by Amtrak, however, there is discussion as we speak, between the company and community leaders to create a railway system that would connect Cheyenne, Wyoming and Pueblo, Colorado.
The second state where Amtrak doesn’t go is Hawaii. The only way to get to Hawaii would be via plane or boat.
The state of Alaska is the third state where Amtrak doesn’t go, you are planning to travel to Alaska via train, you can get as far as Seattle, from where you might need to get a ferry or a plane to reach Alaska.

The fourth and last state where Amtrak

doesn’t go is South Dakota.
While the Biden administration plans on investing into Amtrak, see future Amtrak map, South Dakota doesn’t look like it would be a destination anytime soon.