Will Amtrak Refund Tickets? Explained.

With a train journey with Amtrak approaching, you’re sure to feel very excited. You’re surely thrilled to see Amtrak’s most picturesque routes. Or, you might have booked a full-length journey of the whole United States. The anticipation is real!

Will Amtrak refund tickets? Yes, however, it will depend on the time you refund and the type of fare you purchased. Let’s clarify further.

will amtrak refund tickets

But, things can go wrong from time to time. And unfortunately, your plans need to take a back burner. That’s life! When this happens, you might wonder, so, will Amtrak refund tickets?

That’s why it’s very helpful to know how to change (or cancel) Amtrak reservations. Fortunately, though, Amtrak offers a somewhat lenient modification and cancellation policy. It’s also fairly easy to do.

You just need to know how to do it right!

We’re here to help you out! We’ve laid down all you need to make last-minute changes to your Amtrak itinerary. This post also tackles how you can save more money and make the most out of your cancellation.

Let’s start!

COVID-19 Refund and Cancellation Implementations

Reservations booked before October 31st, 2022, will be free of change costs. Reservations made using points are included here as well.

Depending on the ticket booked, cancellation costs could still occur. Sign in to your Amtrak.com account and choose ‘Modify Trip’. From here, you can make changes to an existing reservation.

Your reservation may also be accessed from the Amtrak app’s home menu.

There may be a fare change with your updated itinerary. The change charge waiver does not occur when a recently paid ticket is rebooked at a lesser cost for the exact train, day, destination, and route.

amtrak sleeper car

Amtrak’s Refund and Cancellation Policy

Amtrak’s ticket cancellation and modification policies depend upon the kind of ticket you bought. This also plays a role in the amount of money that will be refunded to you.

All fares are subject to a number of rules and regulations. The specific rules for each sort of fare are detailed in the sections below:

All Fares


You get a full refund if you cancel your purchased Amtrak ticket within the first 24 hours of purchasing.

Changes and Modifications

Amtrak will not charge you a change fee as long as you reschedule and modify within 24 hours of purchase.

No Show Policy

And if you want to reschedule your ticket, make sure to do it any time before departure. Unused Amtrak tickets will be deemed forfeited. Additionally, you cannot refund or exchange them after the planned departure time.

Saver Fare

The following applies for Saver Fare tickets in Acela Business Class and Coach.


Saver Fares are non-refundable 24 hours upon purchasing or thereafter. You may, however, get a 75% eVoucher.

Changes and Modifications

Saver Fee ticket modifications have a 25% fee when modified after 24 hours of purchase. Your change fee is waived if you are a Select Executive member.

Moreover, upgrade coupons, and passenger and promotional discounts are not applicable to Saver Fares.

Value Fare


If you cancel your trip at least 15 days before your scheduled departure date, you’ll get a full refund. If you cancel 14 days prior to your departure, there will be a 25% cancellation fee. There is also a 25% cancellation charge for unreserved services purchased within one hour of purchase.

Changes and Modifications

Changes to value fare tickets are free. If you want to switch to a more expensive route, you’ll have to pay the difference in price.

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Flexible Fare

The following applies for Flexible Fare tickets in Acela Business Class and Coach.


If you cancel your trip prior to departure, you’ll get a full refund in the original means of payment.

Changes and Modifications

Changes to flexible fare tickets are free of charge. There will be an additional fee for changing a ticket’s itinerary to a more expensive one.

Business Fare

The following applies to non-Acela Business Fare tickets.


Tickets that are canceled prior to the planned departure time are 100% refundable.

Changes and Modifications

Changes for Business fare tickets are free of charge. But you change to a new itinerary with a bigger price, the difference in charge should be paid.

Premium Fare

Acela First-Class


Canceled tickets are 100% refundable if you cancel before departure.

Changes and Modifications

Modifications and changes are free of charge. However, higher-priced itineraries should be paid for.

Sleeper Accommodations


Premium sleeper tickers are entirely refundable, as long as you cancel 121 prior to departure. Cancellations made between 120 and 15 days prior to travel are subject to a cost of 25% charge.

Sleeper tickets are non-refundable once canceled 14 days before departure. However, it can be canceled for a 75% eVoucher.

Changes and Modifications

Changes and modifications for sleeper tickets are free of charge. However, higher-priced itineraries should be paid for.

Refund Policy for Passengers With Sickness

You may have an exception for refunds and exchanges if you are sick. Amtrack may waive or change policies if you or any traveling passenger provides a doctor’s certificate.

If you have any questions concerning this exemption, please contact Amtrak.

How Can You Determine The Policy For Your Ticket

All the policies above apply depending on the total price paid for every trip. This also covers all continuous travel segments.

In short, change fees will still count as 25% of the overall ticket price, even if it involves multiple trains.

But what if your trips have different classes? In this case, the cancellation and change policies of the principal (or the most expensive) class apply to your whole trip.

Let’s say the first leg of your trip consists of a Value Fare coach seat. Then your second leg trip consists of a Premium Fare sleeper. In this case, the Premium Fare sleeper policies apply.

You can always check out your ticket and reservation on their website.

Ticket Expiration Policy

You cannot exchange and refund any Amtrak ticket after one year of purchase. Additionally, credits and Amtrak eVouchers are only valid for one year upon issuance.

Amtrak Reward Points and Cancellations Policy

Amtrak only gives out reward points at the end of the journey. That means you won’t get any credit for a ticket should you cancel it. Wondering when Amtrack points expire? Click here.

How To Change Your Ticket

There are three ways you can cancel and change your ticket.

Via Website

Select “Modify Trip” from the Amtrak website’s top-right menu. When a new window appears, enter the corresponding details.

Usually, the website asks for your email address and reservation number. You can find your reservation number at the top of your ticket.

Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions to make the desired alteration or cancellation.

Via Phone

You can also speak to a customer service representative for your cancellation or change concerns. Call +1 (800) 872-7245 to reach Amtrak.

Note and expect that you might be on hold for some time.

Via Station

You can additionally handle your adjustments and cancellations in person. This is great if you have an Amtrak office near you. Make sure to call or check their office hours.

How To Use Amtrak eVouchers

As stated above, some tickets entitle you to an eVoucher. Once you cancel your ticket, Amtrak will send you your eVoucher details via email. From here, your eVoucher is automatically stored on the system.

So, how or where can you use your Amtrak eVouchers? You can use these for booking new reservations.

Passengers may only use eVouchers issued in their own name, but they are also non-transferable.

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Will Amtrak Refund My Ticket If I’m Late or Get Off Early?

What if you leave your trip early? Or, what if you’re late for your trip? Can you still get a refund? No. Amtrak does not issue refunds for late passengers, or for passengers who decide to leave early.

Will Amtrak Refund Tickets If The Train Is Late or Cancelled?

Now, what if the Amtrak train is late?

Amtrak issues full refunds for delayed trains due to a force majeure occurrence. They will refund the part of your ticket in accordance with the refund policy. Examples of Force majeure are:

  • Regulations from the government
  • Conditions relating to the weather, conflicts and riots, wars, economic sanctions, and other forms of unrest
  • Labor issues
  • Shortages in gas, labor, or facilities

However, if the delay is an Amtrack-caused error, then passengers are compensated with transportation or hotel accommodations.

Are you wondering more about why trains stop? Click here.

And if your train schedule gets canceled, you are entitled to a full refund. You can also have it rescheduled.

How Long Does It Take To Recieve Your Amtrak Refund?

Amtrak refunds might take anywhere from 5 to 8 working days. It may sometimes depend on the bank.

However, as a general rule of thumb, seven to 10 business days is the safest bet.

Will Amtrak Refund Tickets? The Bottomline

Yes! Amtrak can and will definitely refund your ticket. However, it will depend on the time you refund and the type of fare you purchased.

These tips and information and undoubtedly useful. But, it’s always best to act as soon as possible to prevent any discrepancies.

Cancel or change your ticket as soon as possible to avoid added fees.

Safe travelling!