Do Amtrak Trains Have Restrooms

Do Amtrak trains have restrooms? Absolutely they do! Depending on the train class, the age of the train and the type of ticket you have will determine the restroom facilities.

Is it just me or do trains restrooms always have toilet paper on the ground!??

Amtrak trains have restrooms conveniently located on every car. Now let us find out the location of the restrooms on Amtrak trains.

do amtrak trains have restrooms

Where Are Restrooms On Amtrak Train Located & What They Can Offer?

If you are boarding the Coach class seats, there are a lot of restrooms available for you. In their restroom, you can use it to freshen up, and also change your clothes.

Here is a reminder for you, some of their restrooms are tighter than the others. It depends on when the train has been rebuilt. Amtrak restrooms offer hand soap, outlets, paper towels, and portable drinkable water for brushing your teeth.

Another thing to note is that each restroom has its own trash can. If the trash can becomes full, make the car attendant or conductor know about it. You must also make sure you don’t leave the restroom dirty. Let me give you another tip. If the restrooms in your coach car are full, you can use the restroom in another coach car.

If you are boarding the two-level Superliner Lounge Cars of Amtrak, few of their restrooms are located at the lower level. One of the restrooms is wheelchair accessible, and the other is as large as the width of the car, which is called the dressing room.

When it comes to single-level Viewliners Lounge Car, the location of the restroom is at the end of the roomette corridor on the left. It has the perks of having a sink, toilets, extra windows, and high ceilings.

If you are planning to be on roomettes, accessible accommodation, or family rooms, you can have access to its public restroom with an attached dressing room. Its location is in each sleeper’s car. One of my suggestions is if you love to wake up early, you may take a bath earlier because it could get busy around breakfast time.

Now that you know the location of the restrooms in the Amtrak trains, let me answer some questions you may ask.

Do Amtrak Trains Have Restrooms That Are Private?

The answer to this question is yes. Amtrak trains have private restrooms for everyone who reserves sleeping accommodation.  In Amtrak private restrooms, they provide washcloths, plus hand, soaps, and bath towels. They may also offer you amenity kits such as shampoo and other things. As for now, amenity kits are only available on select trains such as the Amtrak Auto Train.

do amtrak trains have restrooms

Are Amtrak Restrooms Clean?

Oh well, this is a tricky question. When you get board an enjoy a roomette, Amtrak’s top tier accomodation, the restrooms are clean, fresh and totally fine.

On your general Amtrak commuter trains, it all depends about who was in their before you…. I always suggest taking the following things with you:

  • Antiseptic Hand Gel
  • Small Pack Of Tissues

Even though it shouldn’t happen, on busy trains paper can go missing and also so can soap.

Having antiseptic gel and also tissues is the best failsafe a man or women can ask for! I am talking from experience here!

Do Amtrak Trains Have Restrooms? – Conclusion

The answer to this question is, absolutely yes, all Amtrak trains will have restrooms.You can now finally have peace of mind whenever you are planning a long trip with Amtrak trains.